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Freddie Bruno - Hall Minor
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

Full metal jacket double breast
I finesse bless apparatus the mantis in strike form
uniform cadence march militant perfect wordsmith
rise'n like sweat to serface for God's purpose/4
of course it's none other than the dark brotha from
Deepspace we race rhymes over beat breaks
reach pass the stars and hang glide from the moon
contemplate my carcass fate and realize that i'm doomed/8
with the creed I proclaim through the blood stained sand
I stand as a man in a carnal wonderland
ever sin covered by ever skin colored I
hold my weaponry deviate the treachory/12
YO - Freddie B. leader of the wordplay infantry
a force to be reacon when you checkin cipher symphony
positivily negativity tips the scale
pirate lingusitcs about to set sale/16
Chart a course for the mind what I find is dead matter
unexplained nuclei at the center of the skull
with Harry Krum'n I'm drummin like Arnold's 2nd father
sentence slaughter untitled returns like Mr. Carter/20
I burn through your democracy all hypocrasy
aint no way of stoppin me I slide through ciphers like a centipede
simile and metaphor harmonicaly Ill jehova keeps the mind sharp and on point like a quill/24