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Freddie Bruno - Rock the Beat
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1 (Sev Statik)
A yo I guess I'm underground doesn't mean my sound is ugly
It's actually pretty dope to nice for most company
The rhytmic patterns got me reppin for a cause
applause of rhymes and pounds to hold weight for sure
some emcees sell out to just feed they seeds
I guess it makes them ritcheous though while smoking pounds of weed
Greed is strickly a motive flossin necklaces bracelets wasted most of it/ celebrate with thugs and hoes and if they knew in the beginning they had to pay it all back/ They might of wrote dope raps and gave christ back the dap
So my heart pumps snares hits and bass lines
through my blood line with a song sunshine
To speak on godly issues of how man might fall
Instumentals need to be laced nonsense is erased off the page
Engage in EKG battles for word play
and if i'm out of white sheets I'm pickin the KKK

My heart mesh with the tempo rhythm we rock
Illuminatin the redundant artery block
feelin the beat from my chest even prior to start
the most high left me blessed

Verse 2 (Sintax the Terrific)
Sintax the terrific committed to soul shapin
grow a patch of green grass for your asphalt imaginiation
deepspace make'm take a swig of sunshine
cause we bottled and distributed Christ water to wine
I'll bake a loaf of bread to break at a table with my enemy
I'm able to shake hands with hate to form family
man is such a jerk perched upon his pedistal
hold hands with homosexuals to show em how I feel
to teach us how to wait I pace our rhythm by his cadence
pause between each beat as a reminder of his patience
Agents of his timing pop a tape like clockwork
I love to flurt with fire just to see if the heat hurts
passion in each verse faith is walkin by feet first
since birth I been blessed with brillance in short bursts
Quarter inch to ventrical tipped to spit sparks
and part hemoglobin grammar through my pen to pump ya heart

Bleed the artform born to do more than play the part
Mark my words down inside of your chest and spit darts
Pump current through the music make it shine in the dark
Liquid life into veins leave the beat with track marks

Verse 3 (Freddie Bruno)
My respitory is a labratory of speech and sound
A cardiovascular metronome compound
use the beat within my heart as a basis of innovation
from skeleton to melanin reachin the congregation/4 we rock well with blood cells flushed through time code
try to chase it and get lost in the skills that showed
before you a presentation of incredible proporstion
going back to my roots to find the static distortion/8
Hear the cadence of my spirit yo it whispers in the night
it's the language of my soul translated on the mic
esoteric energy that I focus candidly
I be pushin mentals back and leave them open like a conopy/12
the middle of my brain riddle fame as legacy
songs heavily guarded with letter weaponry
on my penmanship sense'n mutany on the bounty
it's a cipher in my earthsuit and it echos through the county/16