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Freddie Bruno - Not for Profit
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

Bright insight wondering where the dark went
On a park bench borrowin dollars for com sense
While my palm prints tables of it's own content
Pick up the scent of the corporate American Clark Kent/4
A broke emcee soon to hope that he
Will reap the fruits of his labor on the M I C
Done many albums prior and I can't understand
With the work that I've shown money never changes hands/8
Sing a song of six pence? Shoot I wrote the words
A beat nerd bumpin labklik through the burbs
I'll make it large have a garage and a poodle
I'm on a cuisine of Kool Aid and ramen noodles/12
Currently my currency's an overdraft fee
Negative reflecting the attitude of me
No lint to spare just pockets of air
So I sit in my chair and wallow deep in dispair/16

I'm tapped out scrapping for some change dag nabbit
Deeper in debt supportin my rap habit
Emergency breaker, breaker 1, 9, mayday
The $2.99 special till next payday

My wallets' feeling kind of flat so I visit the bank
Pull out my last ten hoping to stretch my gas tank
But I want the new CD from LPG
Should I fuel my camel or hear some dope emcees/4
If I call in tomorrow that will save me some gas
If I got some ill hip hop the time will pass
But if I gain control between now and payday
I can stop bouncin checks at the old safeway/8
Here's a problem that I face constantly everyweek
Feeling like a geek chewin on a fresh break beat
Wife workin overtime so her man can rhyme
Funding his sampler and DSL line/12
I should have a telethon po-rapper marathon
The grand prize will be a Toyota Avalon
The operators would be heads who struggle too
A broke emcee foundation to help you.16

MakeShift studio but it gets the job done
With a higher income I could make it job one
The floors littered with zip-disks and burned programs
Drum kits initially made for ya slow jams/4
Wanna spit a verse hang the Mic from the ceiling fan
Get the point fam we can help you brotha man
Can't afford to pay attention let alone pay respects
In collections for payin dues with bad mic checks/8