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Freddie Bruno - Earl Grey
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

U N I Converse wordplay inhale disperse
Galactic son expand lung star burst
When the hook start bookmark this audible being
Beat breakin title takin on the side emceein/4

Then teamin' up with Phat K.A.T.S. so check the ill excursion conversin' with my man Fred B. while Krummy's nursin' a sore thumb from phat beats while diggin' the illest samples and a sore tongue from spittin' the dopest lyrics for example...

My sound surrounds you like it's Dolby or bose
I'm truncatin off foes with these powerful scrolls
Keep you on the tip of your toes with intricate flows
Cause your syndicate slows when they low and behold

That no one was told that Sivion would be over for dinner munching' on wack punchlines that smell worse than paint thinner a self proclaimed sinner but named winner by His Grace justified in this place but not according to race...

Yo-Distorted ya case with wisdom over rhytm we lace
Efficiently place my word scripts amidst the face
Of the paper I'm balancin ya mind so you measure up
pretty clever but it was sin that kept you up!

It's Earl Grey - knowledge we spit when well equipped
Take a sip when the spirit begins to transmit and take heed
proceed with the will and pursue
Just relax sit back cool out and listen too....

Listen to this cool head liftin' my cup with Cool Fred Brun-ian-o stackin' God-Pressed Lucciano my cup runneth over so pass it to Billy Blanco cause he made the track but check how he sampled the loop in mono cause he's cold like Modano when his choppin' up some wax I kiss my wife good mornin' then set out to collect some stacks of earl grey packets attackin' the wack with passion feline assassin strike swift with cheetah action never passin' up the opportunity to tax one with my axial gyroscopic pre-sub-inertia flip flop photo megatronic oscillating laser tactics emcees be facin' forward but their rhymes be going backwards.

It's a carousel where I dwell right where Pharos's temple fell
The fickle tell poison'n the art like it's sickle cell
Contaminents your forced to live with everyday
Stray away from air play with cups of Earl Grey
I just chill and monitor overseeing what going wrong
In disgust flippin channels when ya pannel is on
Straight ramblin on motor skills declared numb
preparin the drum placement of H. Krum/8