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Freddie Bruno - Coat of Arms
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

Melt ya chain mail attack with simile
Carvin out the mental with my vocal symmetry
no avail leavin trails on scales my symphony
In the cadence of omega uniball infantry/4
Poetry passed down heirlooms to write scribes
turnin tables with no fables using wisdom of the tribe
the technique floating fist of Judah holy wine
Sounds echo off mountains like Asian wind chimes/8
In the handle of my sword many tales be told
Use the song as a tithe to return 10 fold
sew a seed in the sheet harvest of alphabets
in rows of paragraphs watered down with mic checks/12
the coat of arms worn by the elders of nomadics
Decades unfold in the stories of the fabrics
from country to country linguistic piracy
With new heights as Levites with the man from Galilee/16

Coat of ARMS!
With the gift of the spirit like psalms
while we swingin from the trees with our palms
under my chest God crest keep me safe and build up my faith so I rock the....

Vocal tone slash winds and wield the faster blade
linking times of events with my verbal cascade
the higher grade I receive once a squire to kings
and the poor dance in streets with the songs we sing!/4
Miracles through Levitical ministry and Trinity
Lead with the Tri-Force stand with the Unity
Holiness infected with fallen angel nasties
I vastly commute a battle with Ecclesiastes/8
Live by the code of the dead sea scrolls
follow teachings of the masters who devoted their souls
to the truth now the proof through the thoughts is fluid
instructions from yeshua squash the temples of the druid/12
Now I'm senior to wearing my coat of many colors
the same that was worn by our fathers and our brothers
reach the end of my journey retire and pass it on
battle linens from beginnings called,/16