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Freddie Bruno - The Next Level
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

Yo - I walk with the weapons of light a treacherous site
My breath carry temperatures to heat the northern lights
I live'n up the tranquil feel it in ya head and ankles
if you survive the cipher with me than just be thankful/4
Yo i'm tired of these country derelicts and home made edicts
insane names with a single letter prefix
couldn't rock a mic if the stand was grafted into gravel
I'm that unseen rapper that stays nomadic like a fraggle/8
I manifest the real while you channel artificial
with kamikaze poetry from clouds hear the whistle?
Atomicly attack all the wack you distribute
throwin big words together on an 80's pop loop and saying nothin!/12
Impress only ya homies in ya town
a stage full of ya entourage a cancer to the sound
on the tip of ya tongue is keep it real and represent
you should practice what you preach and understand your true intent/16
As I vent to the pen the only one who hears my pain
I'm searchin for ya skill like diabetics for a vein
but i'ts absent sent home like never even spawned
*repeat last line*/20

Sing with me if you reached the next level!
1, 2 give you more till the score's settled
the art form transforms when a songs born
Chant this phrase when your days get long and...

You try to hurt mine and catch a bruise from the punch line
Have you nervous like a kicker when it gets to crunch time
the tone brings vocal weaponry aim it at the dapper
from the chapter of hip hop I define emcee and rapper/4
A rapper's say so an emcee is clever speak
innovation pun on words how metaphors should be freaked
rappin is basic fundamentally discarded appropriately chosen by the worlds lyrically retarded/8
From wordplay to child play student to sensei
I'm in rivers of utopia keepin tigers at bay
and I compose in the dark when I start my rendition
now i'm workin with the speakers movin on a submission/12
Payin dues only for cashews and table scraps
in the midst of all my beats and skills and battle raps
I come out empty handed and branded as non-profit
Globally distribute my life and NO ONE copped it/16
It's overcrowded like new year's inside of time square
you explain yourself on trax but nobody would care
so I escape the mind state of failure and broken goals
here's the thanks that we get when we spit from our souls?/20
It's the wool over ya eyes hidden and candy coated
it's an overload and long wind rappers make it bloated
if HIS name ain't every other word ya music aint heard
the rap game is a game and it's Gettin absurd/24