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Freddie Bruno - The Monitor
(from the album Freddie Bruno)
© copyright 2002

I steady maintain in christ mainframe reject the mundane
ya false repitore held out like a sustain pedal I
press for a drawn out duration
compose for 7 days just like the author of creation/4
Yet I'm rhymin on the pen and paper trained to tame
your all the same I contain more soul than boney james
Un-rhytmic hieco say nothing Irony
you stealin from the arts like paciderms with ivory/8
slumber in the master's tomb stitchin letters like a loom
my soul's a catacomb burried at the temple of boom
and thats the old man, self massicare daily given
the status that i'm livin with the task I am driven/12
Used to be a listener and a witness to the hype
and now I supervise in the spotlight with levites
omnipresent in his works no use of satelites
the antidote for the worlds pinky ringin parasites/16
superb emcee have you admit to you flaws
you style is so old son it could catch menopause
you state that you undergroud when your really unknown
why sweat the cheddar in your pockets when your rhymes are provolone/20
And i'm the watcher overlookin ciphers in disgust
disappointed when you find out ya album went rust
nigga we doin it, with the blue print from the lord
and we teachin screechin nails on chalk board 24