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Lojique - Fellowship of the Unashamed
(from the album Language Arts)
© copyright 2001

(Page One)
As I affect and shape the landscape
To represent is my only mandate, no conspiracy theory can break
This bond of fellowship, whether ruckus or on the mellow tip
They marvel at how Nickels, Page One and Othello rip
Through original psalms and proverbs in written form
Heads get split and torn, is it me or is it gettin warm?
This cord of three strands will not be quickly broken
Gettin you strictly open with jewels of truth lyrically spoken
Yo, this is real, you can't call time out
Or stop the ride so we can all climb out
This is real, just give me something I can feel
You can be innovative without havin to try and reinvent the wheel
Or scrape the bottom of the barrel speaking on your apparel
How can you bring a vision to fruition if you're sterile
Though not for lack of testosterone, conceptually you're in a foster home
Forming a new persona 'cause you lost your own
Like some critical parasitical entity
Overtaking your system and assuming your identity
The only message sent to me is one of hopelessness
And it don't take a photograph to show me where your focus is

You (you) don't (don't) want (want) any (any)
Take it to the levels of subterranean jetties
We came with the complexity but the world wasn't ready
Christ in hip hop, rock it nonstop (repeat)

I'm nowhere near a veteran
Though I've spent many nights staying up late like Letterman
Assembling something to sink in deep like sediment, rebel like Tienemen
Up against the ungenuine, creatively impotent gentlemen
Synchronized in the unified mind of the trio
Pass it up as a placebo while you lay in a fetal
Position, wishing to find your niche in life
Even if it means just to fit inside
Of a loosely knitted net only to capture your regrets
And let go of all of your dreams, promised never kept
'Cause one slipped, tripped, fell into a ditch
Unequally hitched, influence of your association sticks
And the only reason why I'm capable to rip
Is 'cause God gives the gift and the fellowship
To stay spiritually lifted, now I'm lifting up my fist in victory
Kissing my complacency history, thanks for listening


I am a part of the fellowship of the unashamed
I have the Holy Spirit power
The die is cast and I've stepped over the line
The decision has been made, I'm a disciple of His
I won't look back, let up, slow down, back away or be still
My past is redeemed
My present makes sense and my future is secure
I'm finished and done with low living,sight walking, small planning
Smooth knees, colorless dreams, tame visions
Mundane talking, chintzy giving and dwarfed goals
I no longer need preeminence
Postition, promotions, plaudits or popularity
I don't have to be right, first, tops, recognized
Praised, regarded or rewarded
I now live presence and I lean by faith
And I labor by power, I labor by power