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Lojique - Global Epidemic
(from the album Language Arts)
© copyright 2001

Sight beyond sight
Recognize as multifaceted realities reflect the light, worldwide (repeat)

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Six thousand years of human history
Bear witness that man has dominated himself to his own injury
The adversary planned the system that demands submission
We're programmed, conditioned not to expand the vision
Watching life go by through filtered lenses
But does experience bring pain that kills or pain that cleanses
Sometimes I feel I only tear down walls to put up fences, what's the consensus?
There's more to life than what's perceptible with five senses
We're all living within our own personal biodomes
Some call it heaven, some call it hell, but I call it home
These both exist in the supernatural
But as a factual matter they are actually tangible


What goes on beyond my peripheral
Does existence exist when nobodys looking?
Rough estimates of 7 billion homosapiens walking the earth
But how can I be sure, I've only seen a few since birth
And most of every one of em hurt, smoke or insert
Foreign substances to knuckle up against the plan of God
But their arms are too short to reach
To make the attempt to spar is about as ironic as a whale beached or Dubya inpeached
Or an anti-war cat rocking fatigues
Within the radius of my small community everything's moving in high speed
I might be a low-caliber entity
In this global U-N-I-T, so when can you and I be
Unified, but I refuse to be connected to the mindless Sodomites
And those of you who hate Christ
As long as ignorance exists we'll always be divided
As long as ignorance exists we'll always be divided


(Page One)
Hours of contemplation come to a grinding halt
Powers of observation are only sharp when I'm finding fault
Dimly aware I'm being attacked intensely
I've only known the odds to be stacked against me
In faraway places my predicament is harder to feel
You can be poor in America and still push an automobile
I've seen a baby that was too starved to cry
Flies covered its eyes as it tried
To draw nourishment from a breast that was dry, now that's some imagery
Close my eyes any time and I can still see it vividly
When will it hit you? This situation cannot continue
Transcend the microcosm, kid, the issue isn't if you
Possess most or least, or you West Coast or East
Mission 28:19, every ethnos to teach
Pray as I'm fighting not to fall
I don't focus so hard on the light at the end of the tunnel, I miss the writing on the wall