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Lojique - Methodical
(from the album Language Arts)
© copyright 2001

My spiral notebook is a tool to compose
The translations of my heart and influence of the soul
My Power Source allows me not to have a typical flow
Innovate, create and reach beyond the typical goals
Following trends have never seemed to be my steelo
Switch it up, three for the money, four for the show
Mad original, and from the time the track begins and ends I'm hoping and praying
That you've been inspired to go higher then the limitations
Of shackles and chains, amazing how change is available
To anyone who makes an honest attempt
Exempt to no man, oh man, I was like, yo man
I find it ironic how all the times I flunked within the book I found the answers
To the problems, now me and the Author is tight
I rock the mic and He writes my rhymes
We make a good team don't you agree
Christ plus Othello equals emcee

Methodical styles I flip
Makin up for lost time I spent, times I slipped
From the cup of lies I sipped, ill equipped
But now (sample: "I represent through mind, soul and body")

(Page One)
These false emcees will do backflips to stack chips, but never stay true to their craft
That's how I separate wheat from the chaff
I bomb like graf, super raw style for the new millennium
Got mad styles on file, but the mind is the Pentium
Processing data, it don't matter who got the phattest click
It all depends upon what you use to measure my status with
And that it's fit to be used, I see through crews who
Only concerned with who's who, not paying dues
But you couldn't walk a mile in my shoes without stumblin
Fumblin, now your whole foundation is crumblin
You tried to salvage, performing mental cryogenics
But defile the mic one time and it's sweet dreams like Annie Lennox

We're putting bits and pieces together like clouds and rainy weather
My finished product makes me wonder if its really real
I'm seeking for a place to rest my head and paint a picture
Peacefully abide in Christ, bright and happy days
Warm colors of hazel sunrays cater to daydreamings and mental replays
Of clear and distinct unforgettables
Accompanied by a few pivotal moments, elements of joy components
Make me see past all my opponents
Home alone in perfect peace, stable and meek
Meditate and daze away when thoughts become complete
Seeking to find and bust divine rhymes and smile with white teeth
I'm in my own little world (say what you do at night) I sleep


(Page One)
We're droppin gems cut with many facets, the passage of time
Can blur the line between the subliminal and sublime
But sometimes I lie awake nights, mentally take flights
Back to the days before greed poisoned hip hop like snakebites
How can I take it back to the essence and still be progressive
How can I dispense this freely and still be possessive
How can I stay meek and humble and still be aggressive
How can I achieve harmony and still be obsessive
These are the types of near-impossible, paradoxical obstacles
That put lesser emcees in mental hospitals
Consider myself a cat that's equal to the task
Dangerous behind the mic, a havoc wreaker to the last
Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast
Express joy or sorrow, but you'd rather wallow in your averageness
Decked in lavish dress, but lyrically can't pass the test
Who laughs the best when this culture dies a tragic death