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Lojique - Case Logic
(from the album Language Arts)
© copyright 2001

Check your collection, what's your selection
Is it pretty pop or hip hop perfected
Sleeves of the binder, personality projected
Ignorant or intelligent, your case reflects it

Hi-de-ho at five below
I blow through the wind like hair on Fabio
Eavesdrop on the selections of CDs bought
Motivated by what he or she got
Replicas, consumer clones keep carbon copying
Common clichÕs of corny compositions
Can you call a kid who kicks it kinda prone to receiving
A KUBE 93 complex
All sex-oriented computer-generated jiggy jams jamming the airwaves
Preventing innovative cats from a chance to make it
True talent forsaken, spend the money your making
Supporting quality creations
Simple minds get drawn to simplicity
But not me, I wanna experience genuine creativity
If you can appreciate that theory you could be feeling me
'Cause shoot, we put a lot of time into being original
Not saying that I'm phat or all that but from the heart I rap
And Christ is exulted so what more can I ask for?
Rock on, look kids, the lesson is
I'm not dissing your preferences, I'm just saying, c'mon now


(Page One)
Keep them hands movin from the right to the left
I take my craft as seriously as a fight to the death
This industry, I stay incensed with it
Woudn't have that much against it if it were case sensitive
Would you not judge it, if it wasn't so big budget
And would you object to hear your kids repeat it in public
This subject, some won't even touch it, but wait a minute
A computer's monitor only displays the data in it
We wasn't fooled by some new lie
Don't have to light it up like the Fourth of July, to see this mess is ruled by
Past presidents' printed paper portraits
Telecommunications putting satellites in orbit
To control what you see and hear, thus what you think
They don't trust what you think, so they got to know just what you think
But they can't stop the underground movement
Trying to blow it off as a nuicance, but the truth is
Accessible, if not readily digestible
If your palette is accustomed to devouring the detestible
Flesh festival permeating the airwaves
It's time to take it to the next level like a staircase


(Page One/Othello, back & forth)
The ultimate heist, robbing you of Christ
Now is your case a treasure chest, or a mind-control device
What do you purchase, who do you worship
It's a fine line between artist and merchant, it's all about the pesos
Hip hop, rock or jazz, whatever we have
Yo, we be rockin it, rockin it as the bass goes...
The bass goes...
Case closed


(Page One/Othello, unison)
This is not a dis to those of you
Who support wack music and trend-following crews
Creativity is whatever you think it is
But if everyone's doing it, how creative is it, kid (repeat)