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Lojique - Instrumentalude pt. 1
(from the album Language Arts)
© copyright 2001

Now with kinetic energy keeping the crowd moving
Focus your attention intensely on what we're doing
My cup runneth over, abundant life proven
Pressed down, shaken together and getting down
Driven to combine the live elements with the boom bap
The crew that explores variables to bring the groove back
Assume that position with arms extended
As recipients of raw vision, keep your minds open
The hope that lies within while I depend on words to mic defend
Just might offend the wack rappers that won't allow their minds to bend
So I contend with this spiritual sickness that evicts the area in your mind
Preventing growth leaving your thoughts behind
So we can rewind and recapture time
To set the steering of your brain back in alignment
Within the inspiration of this text is where you'll find it
The cost of life insurrance paid in full, Yeshua signed it