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Lojique - Feisen Blue Yowd
(from the album Language Arts)
© copyright 2001

(Page One)
Sometimes I feel like I got too many separate trains of thought for one track, pray for inspiration
To come back, and pinpoint the destination
Like a thumbtack, representin the nation
I can't come wack, it's too many cats already done that
I'm just one cat, with a vision, stressin to earn
A livin, with every decision is a lesson to learn
And if I'm wise, I absorb it, send my pride into orbit
Don't wanna be like some, when it comes time to choose sides, then they forfeit
The game, been in it a minute now, one thing I know is
It don't matter how dope your style or how complex your flow is
If you're counterfeit they'll see right through you
Try to deceive the Most High, and He'll be like, "Depart from Me, I never knew you"
Lost my balance walkin the fence with my wrists in handcuffs
Praise Him, now I can stand up, head and shoulders above the rest
Without the dandruff, rebuke the spirit of lust
Cast out Incubus and Succubus in the mighty name of Jesus
This is neither blind devotion, nor shameless self-promotion
But mere acknowledgement of the notion that I've been chosen
More than a hobbyist
It should be obvious, but you haven't the freaking foggiest
Why I'm a lobbyist for this cause
Received my sight when I was blind, He found me and picked me up when I was lost
That's unforgettable like Natalie Cole
That's why unseen evil forces that try to battle me fall, that'll be all

The very heavens declare the glory of God
And the sky shows the work of His hand, understand
That you're a vital part of His plan, under the sun
There's something only you can do that has to be done

Speaking words that are true, funny how conversation loses value
The minute one forgets his independence
As a separate entity contributing opinion
To the pivoting circles of talk we walk
In the midst of identity loss, awkward situations and facades
Confusion in the broad spectrum
Surpassing racial boundaries to infect them
It's evident 'cause the evidence of irrelevance stays prevalent
In this present tense so I vent some
Just to release, a piece of my for peace to be embraced
Immortalize myself as a graffiti character to save face
Still burning, but a safe soul is found in acceptance of grace
We.undermine the wack and underline the facts and wonder why these cats
Are plummenting past the point of pessimistic perceptions
Into the depths of transgression, oh I see you made your selection
To be an idiot, rhyme witty with a pattern long and sharp as the javelin
Thrust over my shoulders into the field of dreams
My keen senses override my senseless
Sense of instability, the enemy's now defenseless


(Page/Othello, back & forth)
Can we say cliche? One time for the people rockin rhymes
For the sake of rockin rhymes, I ask
Can we say cliche? Two times for homosapiens' lies
That get rationalized as deep
Can we say cliche? To you who are afraid
Of losing approval from the cool guys
Can we say cliche, cliche, cliche, cliche
Cliche, cliche, cliche