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Out of Eden - Good Thing

It's wasy to see that your mercy for me runs deeper than I ever could
imagine. You love me as I am, though you know what I should be. That's
why loving you has now become my passion.


Ain't nothin but a good thing. Oh, don't you know that it's true, ain't
knotin but a good thing. I am devoted to you. Anin't nothin but a good
thing. You put a smile on my face. Ain't nothing but a good thing. Ain't
nothing but a good thing.

It's your love for me that has helped me to see that people need to give
to live together. If only I could love the way that you love me. It
would simply make the world a little better.

Whoa___, I don't know what you see in me. Whoa___, But I know our love
is all I need. Whoa___, If to the world this light I'd show. Whoa___,
Then maybe they would know that it

Repeat Chorus