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Lojique - Panacea
(from the album Language Arts)
© copyright 2001

We got the cure for mortality
The remedy for your self-destructive mentality
Reality check, one, two, look to the firmament
This is the fix that's permanent, heard of it

Finding the flaws in the immune systems of emcees
Culture-oriented syringes containing the vaccine
Remedy injected melody dissected boom bap infected
Methods of ethics and measures of critical conditions
Missing having to pay the admission fee
By having a friend work at the front desk, or I myself being the emcee.
Delivering means of relevancy on CD, heard but never seen
Never me 'cause I believe in face-to-face orientation
Bum-rushing sections if it is or isn't vacant
Press on to my walk with God and pull away from being complacent
The major faith operator
If its dope I'll have to buy it, secular industry infiltrator raider
With the ability to bring verbal ethnicity
To all regions of sick diseased hip hoppers in need of care immediately
I be the O-T-H-E-double-L-O
W,oven into the fabrics of seldom produced material we individuals


(Page One)
Fresher than newborn, tighter than a shoehorn
Blind mortal men if I appear to them in my true form
Shining like fluorescent, sharp and well-rounded like crescent
Keeping em guessin but retaining the essence

I possess the capability to rock immaculately
For me being connected to C-H-R-I-S-T
And having to deal with diseases is a J-O-B
I'm working minimum wage so when can I get a raise

(Page One)
Phat like a black Magnum 44 graffiti pen
Change like a chameleon so you will not see me when
I drop on you like a thief in the night with a dope banger
And leave these emcees all bent out of shape like a coat hanger

From lingering in the bottom of what I'm not able to see
Is potentially an opportunity to be where God is calling me
Scared to death like it was armed robbery
Do I have to deal with wack material for the rest of my time to sharpen me?

(Page One)
One time for your cranium, taking you through subterranean passages
Perhaps this is gonna blow up or get slept on like mattresses
But after this, you'll be denouncing them wicked practices
Come back to this realm of the living like Lazarus
And ain't no fiction, the prediction is disastrous
A stack of atlases couldn't measure how phat this is
Your blasphemous words'll never get past your lips if you ain't graspin this
Representin God but never took the glory that was His

Isn't it miraculous how people can clap to this
B-boys can dance to this, DJs can scratch to this
Christ and hip hop activists rocking ever so passionate
Changing how they operate, not caring what their habits is