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Lojique - Throne
(from the album Language Arts)
© copyright 2001

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I'm left without my own devices to steer me along, at the twelfth hour
Eerily calm, encircled with power
Like the center of a cyclone, as I stand before the white throne
Forfeited the right to make my plight known
When I slept upon the knowledge of God in fruitless pursuit
Of acceptance into the upper echelon, death crept upon
Me unexpectedly, face to face with destiny
Now what could be worse, too late to reverse the trajectory
Events long buried are brought to remembrance
At a 360-degree panoramic view
Forbidden thoughts I never thought twice about thinking
Are replayed audibly for the entire world to listen to
And now I'm forced to, come to grips with the fact
That I was dangerously missin the mark like a blind kid playin horseshoes
Living for the moment, and the irony of it is
It was never even up to me to try and make atonement
Supreme sacrifice of Christ, early on I learned of that
Still turned my back on the Most High, with closed eyes
Wandering like a vagrant, with flagrant
Disregard for the fact that I was created with a purpose, but I was stagnant
Squandered the gift of life bestowed upon me, now from under my dirty laundry
I can see the paradise of which they testified
Access denied, no entrance, no room for repentance
No appealing the second death sentence

I can see clearly now
O God, why won't You hear me now, my sorrow and tears
There was always tomorrow, but now tomorrow is here
Please, moisten my tongue 'cause I can't swallow for fear

Wake me up from this, let me escape the abyss
Drifting thoughts, existence lost in clocks ticking
Winding, you warned me but stopped reminding
My mind that my timing was crucial
Life is short, filled with remorse and guilt
Standing tall with no balance, stumbling with stilts
Built to last, in tha last days
Chopping fingers, counting down to the day I rejected
The name I rejected, instead of praise
I regret it, it's not just because of these flames
I'm amazed by His magnificence
And woulda saw it sooner if I thought about the future but didn't realize
What was real, what was lies
Waiting for lightning to strike, twice
In my backyard, and shift my perception
Sometimes it takes a miracle for non-spiritual individuals
To see perfection
Even when it's flowing through their minerals and blood stream
I feel ugly on behalf of resistance
And would go back and change if You gave me permission
I look back at my life, so ashamed
Left behind, nothin but memories of corruption
I feel ugly on behalf of resistance
And would go back and change if You gave me permission


My love for you spread across eons of time
Into unfathomable amounts, one in which only I'm
Capable of expressing without fault, its unfortunate we're meeting
On terms where there isn't any other objective
Life came to a permanate halt
In a flash of a second we're face to face with only I knowing the end result
You stand before Me unaware of Who I am still
Though you knew Me before time existed, with tears of pain My eyes fill
And spill over to stream My face, then I replay your life back to you
From the time you were a seed until the last grain of sand falls
In the hourglass of breath, revealing all points in between birth and death
I see you weep as you witness Me turn My head to avoid
From having to watch twice all the things that broke My heart
I gave to you all of Me in a package of faith
You laughed and mocked and spat upon the box and watched as it sank
Deep to the bottom of the lack of pride
I embrace you, hang your head, I walk away
Depart from Me, I never knew you up until today
I embrace you, hang your head, I walk away
Depart from me, I never knew you up until today