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Lojique -
(from the album Language Arts)
© copyright 2001

Planets collide and shipes shift, incredible acts of God
The coming of prophesied prophecies probably right here in a few years
But no man knoweth the day of the hour wwhen showers of
Celestial sillhouettes single themselves out from the rest to follow the leader
Of heavenly realms, with everything caught on film like that of Kodak
Slowing down the process with the effects of Prozac
Take a sneak peek at Othello's rhythmic pattern flowmap
And notice that he's way off course from his original format
Oh crap! Lord, I really hope that
I'm not flowing so wack that master P would actually have the odacity to ask me
If I wanted to be the next No Limit, no-talent masterpiece
With my face off in the middle of a flashy tapestry
Modern blasphemy, thou (thou) shall not (not) consider himself (self)
Any more (more) than what he actually is (is)
Silly kids, props are for God, the only reason why I rock it hard
Is because your heads are thick and full of fraud

Do the math, calculate the formula
Retrieve the data after entering in the coordinates

If you really want to discuss how smoothly words blend
If you want to try and assassinate all I stand for
Come at me with battle axes and I'll give occasion
Yeah, lets talk about flows, like a broken nose
Gives way to blood I flood the unfloodable
Sink the unsinkable and think the unthinkable
Reform my mind to that new train of thought
Breaking down the barricades, going beyond
Human comprehension, I fly to many other alternative dimensions
I failed to mention
That you'll have no solid ground for your feet to tread on
While I break this bread, make the earth man dead
Don't be a peon. I AM! The beyond!
Dying all the treason, Christ is the reason
Love it or hate it or leave it alone
Or embrace the cross like a lost king embraces his throne

(Page One)
Battle-hungry in search of a worthy opponent
Might go so far as to have myself cryogenically frozen
Thawed out and revived in the year 2212
Then go back in time to the present day and battle myself


(Page One)
Each flow be different from the last flow, still I keeps it hot like Tabasco
Infiltrate your cipher, undercover, yo call me Brasco
Your lyric sheets little more than pen flourish
I could make you eat your words but then you'd still be malnourished
It's a feeding frenzy, I be that bleeding emcee
Swimmin in shark-infested waters somewhere off the coast of creativity
Universal like the theory of relativity
I got your head nodding as if affirming my verbal delivery
You must be shot up with novocaine not to be feelin this
Straight hip hop, stripped down to the basic five elements
Minus the bells and whistles, phony R&B hooks and dancin
That's out of place like Hanson touring with Marilyn Manson

Sessions begin when men wash thought
Executing the rot embedded in their knot
Maintain water on the brain 'til you remove the stain
Simple and plain, come bring the pain


I be seein them, bending over backwards to be pleasing men
You wanna breathe again, see again, yo you best believe in Him
Submerged in sin and you be leaking so its seeping in