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Luke Geraty - Drowning In My Dreams
(from the album The Before I Sold Out EP)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1
My minds images diminish with each sun rise that scrimmages the memory cells that always try and lie
but since I'm wise to the fantasy I'll take what it's handing me and since it's been demanding me I hope your understanding me
you might lay on gray days remembering your dreams
but when it comes to these things your mind's always lacking steam
my queens seen making serene things between my dreams gleam and the feen's feen for more then ill theme's
a few screams echo through the halls of my mind
how am I defined by the rest of mankind
I'm confined to the search for improvement
but I only sound fresh in rapid eye movement
so I seek sleep, my imagination facing the temptation of creating it's own hallucinations
a fresh formation of words occurs to be seen
I can't relax, cuz I'm drowning in my dreams


Sleep well...

Verse 2
My dreams are so young, but my life is getting older
misunderstood, plus I've got a chip on my shoulder
I'm colder in my soul but the warmth is taken action
my lifestyles a joke cuz everyone is always laughing
I'm stashing my emotions in an underground box of hip hop that won't drop until all my dreams stop
I've got to get out, cuz this place has me stressing
I'm concerned with impressing and recording my perfection
I'm honestly gonna possibly remove cautiously all that's costing me or seen crossing me, flawlessly
I mine as well, as far as I can tell
find another heaven cuz this feels like hell
my smile entails more then just a glimmer
my ears have been updated by the downloads of a sinner
you wanna listen to the superstitions given more listens then visions of all these fake Christians
I've been dissing from the start of my career
made a name for myself despite shedding all those tears
emotions charged by the letdown from my name
expecting classic songs due to sackcloth fashion's fame
this subcultures so small, I want back in the scene
nightmares on my team cuz I'm drowning in my dreams


I worry most before going to sleep
Now what kinds of dreams worry you?
Sleep well...