Show Lyrics

Luke Geraty - Listen Up
(from the album The Before I Sold Out EP)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1
Ayo, to the listener, let me make myself clear
I released my spirit to put some soul in your ear
I stretch emcee's naturally with the use of words
change my name to champion cuz weak emcee's are served
I have the nerve to claim victory before it's taken
cuz it's evident I hate the music that your making
breaking all the promises, yet you still intact
when I grab the microphone you silly emcee's relax
(8) half way through the verse, I got eight bars left
half way through my life, I got a style that's fresh
compressed to the point of bursting on the scene
I heard your mp3's, it must be quite embarrassing
it's cool cuz these fools think you'll be the next to blow
it's true cuz this crew don't got a clue about your show
a live show that is, cuz you lacking energy
before you record, work on delivery

Hey, I wonder why your songs get play
on the back of the stage are the places you stay
away, far from home is where I roam, your alone if you think your dope on the microphone

Verse 2
ayo, to the listener, I wanna introduce
confused by the name cuz now I go by luke
but, I'm... still the same even though the pains what we need
I open up all my wounds so I could watch my heart bleed
in the search for the truth yet the truth keeps escaping
I'm on a search for a classic five mic rating
debating with the masses, made the classes just the same
remain upon the stage until I'm crowned with some fame
I wanna do shows, and make some ill tracks
formats being changed from the normal back to wax
with high hats and snare, I can bare my whole soul
freedom of expression is how we take control
screaming revolution, abusing all your sight
you can rap about my country but can't change the people's rights
at the height of the topic, you tear your own voice
misguided all the youth cuz you were given one choice... uh


Verse 3
ayo, to the listener, here's my absolute best
so fresh on the mic that I've got to address
never top ten, much less the top fifty
but I'll be glad to take props that you suckers chose to give me
I'll punish your idols, break them down to tears
how'd the worst lyricist got best rapper of the year
battle emcee, let's grab mic's so we can prove it
I'll leave you standing still feeling left out and stupid
projected with a crutch, I never understood
why you had a wack partner just to make you sound good
I'll collapse your habitat and send you on your way
initiate your flow like this was freshman day
small time emcee is now in big trouble
you and wackness are cute and you make a good couple
misusing emcee's spitting half written similes and soliloquies to please me till we all agree