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Luke Geraty - Traveling (Remix)
(from the album The Before I Sold Out EP)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1
Yo, I'm traveling, all across the globe
my brains unraveling to the inner depths of my soul
I take control and stroll on side walks and city blocks
looking for a place to call my home, I'm on my own
I roam from time zone to time zone in a conquest
complex execs suggest my best ain't blest
yo, who's the best of them, as I'm tossed with the rest of them
I keep on stressing them cuz I'm always stretching them
my mind's residence is evident when it's sent on bent thoughts being caught
yo I fought with words in third person, rehearsing
the need for cursing, but found the need for churching, although my heart is still hurting
I'm yearning for a change like four bucks and ten dimes
I'm, at the point of man's last crime
rhymes rip off my lips from state to state, wait!
I rest upon stress as my King navigates
a back seat passenger, asking Christ for the key's
disgusted that you trusted my emceeing degrees
my mind spits hits that switch to fits of rage in days
gray shades turn life's pages into a stinking maze
with rays of sunshine, I shine sunrays on earth
the u-ni-verse is mine

Chorus (cuts)
Traveling, traveling
Touch your toes

Verse 2
Yo, I'm resting upon the fact that my God has my back, yet stacks of handicaps keep attacking
rapping is my passion, backpacking as I travel
babble slurs confer my words, along the sides of death
my breath is righteous, I might just force my self to take more action
my capacity is simply seen as rapping
destroy decisions, in each man's given
for living is a sin, if your sin is found in living
I, find myself torn between the gravitation found in two lives, sides must be picked, I can't stick with one mask
I feel passed as an outcast, my dates are always late
hate is my heart forcing me to seek out freedom
leave them wack cats with gangster raps and gats and puff daddy tracks
they can't get hand claps and pats on back, cuz, they are deceived
the same way Adam was tricked by Eve
so I leave strut my pimp limp that gets me digits
and you can bet that last line will draw out my critics
they don't get it, when it comes to understanding
demanding me to gang bang, yeah right!


Verse 3
Okay, okay, okay, I strayed my bodies frayed, lonely and confused
I sit in contemplation like it's an arubix's cube
I've been defused, answers come aggressively
although most heavenly hosts boast, they aren't affecting me
you mine as well be sweating me, since my jaw bone is a vessel
even though mic's are made accessible
your gibberish is spit with great competence in rhythm
the average listener wonders why your still spitting
you might be ripping, shifting sentences repetitive, let it live, give till I pray, and slowly sway
and loose my own temper like I'm Bobby Buche
way down profound sounds connect with more checks then hockey
I find myself dope yet they find me cocky
underestimated, I devastated sound sets and wreck show after show
flow after flow
I never memorized what I said right here
so I'll change the verse to make myself clear
I appear when the tears have take their place
so I remix my life at a very slow pace
in case you missed it, my critics been gone
so I save my mind, and travel on
travel on, travel on