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Luke Geraty - Crayons
(from the album The Before I Sold Out EP)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1
It was a fine mellow day, no matter they say
the sun was shining though the sky was grey
sitting in the park, trying to make her mark
art had a start since it came from her heart
she was ten years old and missing more than school
her dad was abusive so she tried to play it cool
and if they could have their way she'd just display
never say what happened, ever single day
keep it to herself, and never come forth
use it as a source, to leave her dad's porsche
she fueled the flames, and fed it to her soul
invested all her time to making happiness her goal
enrolled in a class that covered up her past
made her feel first when she'd always felt last
and she had to give thanks to that man's hands
and it all started, with the use of a crayon

And she colors (just pictures from her life)

And she colors (just to make herself bright)

And she colors (just to reach to the light)

And she colors (just to clear up her sight)

She went from park to park, I swear she did, I saw her, I saw her
She went from park to park, I swear she did, cuz I saw her, I saw her

Verse 2
She went from park to park, and drew what she saw
empty pages filled with all of life's flaws
and her parents lost interest her dad had a mistress
made a wish list on every single Christmas
from a distance she felt resistance
but she kept on drawing cuz she had persistence
for instance, they said she'd never amaze
so she stood in a daze till she made them all gaze
more then a maze just to get a little praise
slept during night but created during days
look at her art now, she stays in the lines
made her own style till her smiles were combined
watched her family's love dwindle like twines
all in the hope to define her designs
and her mind's had enough, she's been crushed by the others
and it all started when they said she couldn't color
and it all started when they said she couldn't color
and it all started when they said she couldn't color


Verse 3
She's got all that she needs, and feels like she's made it
art in the making and she's glad that she waited
before it's stated she'd like to thank you for the patience
her names music, you're on a first name basis
her face is in places that few rarely see
she trusts most men which is really scaring me
She went from crayons back to paint, and paint back to crayons
life as her hands we'll probably never understand
I hope that I can since that's enough
for some of us to do more then guard this women's trust
She went back to her dad, just so he could see
and she said to herself I wonder if he'll know it's me
and he didn't, cuz she had changed for the better
wrote a few letters that became trend setters
abused and confused, she never returned
learned how to turn back all that she'd earned
it was simple respect, something that she needs
it must have been the key to how she succeeds
and I knew it, cuz that's where she still stands
drawing pretty pictures with her crayons


Young people today are victims of a society that too often displays love as the quest for self-gratification. This distorted viewpoint is dramatically portrayed on all sides in glowing romantic images as being the normal way of life. Now we must begin with a basic idea of what love is in its total meaning. It's not a question of "does anything go?" or "what do I get out of it?" or "why not?" but rather, "what does love require?"