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Luke Geraty - Success
(from the album The Before I Sold Out EP)
© copyright 2002

This is a political year for America. Both major candidates are committed Christians. Surely that's cause for rejoicing isn't it? and cause for great hope for our nation. If we're going to be led by a man of God, then perhaps our concern, our anxiety, is misplaced. Perhaps God is not waiting for our prayers, but has already taken matters into His own hands. We asked some of our guests for their opinions...

(Luke Geraty)
What is success? Everybody's always asking
is it endless cash and sex without passion
I work a nine to five with a guy who's always high and just to get by is his form of making it, success he's breaking it, and making it is more then just a dream
it's a shallow memory of living life without the cream
by any means, he'll work only when it's simple
he walks inside the store with a pocket full of nickels
and puts them on the counter and demands he gets the service
and with harsh words, the cashier becomes nervous
but he's arrived in his mind, and each day is just the same
he'll continue on this path of keeping success from his name
it's a deadly game, but someone's got to make a move
failures can be found since my life is living proof
the absolutes in success are never guarantees
and if your asking me it'll never happen to emcees
at least that piece of pie is far from my soul
cuz I've given up on paradise, I've lost all control
I'm a stroll through your mind and find a few lines and seek the divine to, change his design
cuz it's obvious, this world's opposite of me
I'll stick to contemplating where I'm supposed to be
cuz I'm sick of being down, I'm sick of being broke
I'm sick of being clowned, since I seem to have no hope
I'm sick of being mad, I'm sick of my flesh
I'm sick of what the world seems to think of as success

I hope to God that He can save us
I spend my days and my nights, soul searching for the answers
I loosen up my grip on success that I mastered
it's just the fruits of the earth and my search is ending empty
so I'll take hold of the promises that God sent me
I've seen cash flashed and men quick to grab
end up getting stabbed cuz the enemies that they had
but I also seen some men, who's lives were quick to fall
lose everything and become happiest of all
where's that put me, my success must be fronting
cuz right before my eye's I saw my something turn to nothing
and that option got me rocking hip hop and only Gotham's gonna be stopping my advance
I should have sold my soul when I had the chance
instead I did a dance around the place
looking for a way to wipe success off her face
but the pace of this world is too much for my myself
I'll just fail at this life and pass on to someone else
cuz the pace of this world is to much for myself
I just fail at this life and pass on to someone else.... That's success....

The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.
I've gotta need more money...
Drugs is the key to success, money is the key to sex
This country, you gotta make the money first, then when you get the money, you get the power
Hope to God that He can save us, I hope to God that He can save us