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Every Day Life - Love Lie

You can't see the very thing that my anguish has done to me you can only sit and pretend to be interested in the fact that I proclaim the love no longer thread bear to a fabric undone and now as I ask of you where is your hold no trick in my question steadfast and bold willing for lashes both in anger and hate prepared deceit that will approclamate just to breed the deceit just because of my sight abomination of my hope and my thought of what is right a slave to your ignorance but still I must try

I say to you do not deny when I ask Where does your love lie?

Broken my life line can be the only thing when left to my defenses I am clothed to the truth yet naked to the intellect and away from the family not far from the Father the deeper the water my grip growing stronger pupils dilated affected on the inner most the clutch of the spiritual becoming the purer host the love of the I AM that which can purge me against all the wickedness is the hope of the purity I ask you this a question redundantly knowing the hope you had I know that you hungered once when will be the coming of the second try

I say to you do not deny when I ask where does your love lie

Times in my life when my candle flickers in the wind a brother in faith can still be only half a friend but then you snatched me from a self built pool of Despair to leave the shelter without food how can I fare a hand of help it lashes out to grab the knife in the other is for myself to stab although it's selfinflected this is a reminder now as I fall away in my life there is a Finder

I say to you do not deny when I ask where does your love lie?