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Luke Geraty - Condescending Comprehension
(from the album The Before I Sold Out EP)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1
Against writers block I rock those that mock till they jock, the after shock unlocks doors that were locked
I set ablaze each track played till the days weigh with more strikes then three k's I raise greys through the shade
despite the sound bytes rewrite those that bite take my copyright and launch it high like a satellite
I crunch emcee's for lunch, snack until brunch since a bunch of them scrunch from the power of my punch
emcee's doing their thing, and what I'm trying to bring
will make your heart skip since your minds forced to sing
your uptight since I'm white and write to your delight, tonight's the night that I might just strike your wind pipe
you better hit record cuz your vocal cords are getting bored and if you don't create a score then your gonna be poor
you can't afford to be wack, so DJ cut the wax

Verse 2
You quote what I wrote; since I took all the votes I'm like aesop rock's float, crush your throat with my notes
I commence upon intense confidence past your speech impediments until I'm named the president (the president)
I thumb through the slums until the bums bump my drums since I'm from a small crumb that's chums with the scum
I slap every track, it never comes back wack since it's phat how I lack plaques despite how I attack
swerve every curve since they have the nerve to try and serve, observe how I take those herbs and make them bite the curb
American x, more stress then the flesh since the quest won't rest until I'm blessed as the best
postpone all the poems since the tones roam the zones the microphones see the clones and stones till their known

you can't pay your bills cuz your skills don't appeal you pack steal think your real but can't change the way that I feel
leave it to my wife to ruin my lonely nights
He's on the tables, and I'm on the mic

Verse 3
You can't affect my mic check since my intellects high tech and dissects emcee's who never pay respect
I'll let my sweat wet those that bet on my threats since I've kept my attempts off of the net and cassettes
my enemies consider me another entity, change your identity since you won't remember me
I stroll through your soul and console your whole flow until the next poll reads that you've lost all control
I end my friends trends with the use of my pen pretend I comprehend since I tend to condescend
I'm inclined to your sign since my rhymes are entwined in the line from the divine till I'm wrapped around your spine
I take your skin and begin to pin till I see it's twin, flash a grin when I strip your flesh to your skeleton
embellishing emcee's and flipping up the steez
grab on some of these and make the crowd freeze
at the end the session, yall still want some action
so I strike an ill pose while the DJ's still scratching