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Luke Geraty - I'll Be Good to You
(from the album The Before I Sold Out EP)
© copyright 2002

Um... excuse me, hey you girl... yo I'm a rapper... I write songs that make you think I'm a nice guy and uh... well... you know...

Verse 1
Um, excuse me, I need your attention
cuz beauty like this blows my comprehension
she's ultramagnetic, leave's my ego tripping
controlling my mind till my needles start skipping
equipping my game, I got the tools for the trade
but since I'm afraid I take my time at getting played
it's a new day and I'm the sun in the sky
so I take my time speaking just so I can get by
I wanna be a father to your children
it's only to you, that my power's yielding
I thank God for the weapons your concealing
quite revealing but it's something that I'm feeling
you can tell by the look on my face that a small taste, will never take the place, I'll take the change of pace and find my way back on your page
I think that you'll like me once you see that I'm on stage
yeah, that's right, I'm an emcee for pay
spend my nights rocking shows, write rhymes throughout the day
whatever you say, will quickly be the law
cuz I saw you standing still and you have no flaws

Verse 2
I'd like to walk on the stars and skip to the moon, rest on a comet and see what it consumes
dance upon planets and juggle the sun
swallow black holes just to prove that I'm the one
and maybe each feat that I reach will keep me complete since I doubt that she'll keep off defeat
I mean, I'm just a rapper, she doesn't even listen
I'm only wishing that she'll hear this composition
and make some suggestions, add them to the check list
make her neck twist since my flows are infectious
add her to the guest list, I just might
allow her to hear me on the mic

Verse 3
Okay, I'm back at it, saw a chance to get ahead
I played hard to get and ignored her instead
I flipped the scrip and ripped a few words
rocked a live show since respect is preferred
lurred my speech to meet, quick to greet since I couldn't keep my feet from stepping on her toes
another day comes to a close, I'm still froze and that's just the way that it seems to go
Hey, girl, yo, why you smiling
I'll single you out and send you to your own island
cuz if you haven't noticed, he he, I'm the star
and I can tell you think that my music is bizarre

Verse 4
I'd like to hold up the planet, so she can understand it
speak in the mic and have her mind pan it
taken for granted, she'll never be
expressed in every song since I live as an emcee
who can truly be, fully in control
I pick up a shovel plant a tree for her soul
you'll never have to wonder cuz you'll never have to ask
we'll never have to fight cuz I left that in my past

Verse 5
Yo, forgive me, cuz that wasn't me speaking
I'm sure you wanna date, I'm open next weekend
I'm thinking that your friends could meet my friends
So we can be friends but since the drama never ends
I'll keep you to myself, and never be the same
I trust you really dig me and that it's not just my fame
I'm the brain behind the brawn and the browd had better like
listen very close I put emphasis on the mic
Ha, I'm here to close the deal and since I'm packing steal
To keep it real you better make the way you feel act like I appeal
I'm just a rapper, I make songs on the mic
make you my wife and still rock this show tonight