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Luke Geraty - A Day In the Life Of
(from the album The Before I Sold Out EP)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1
I've got seven days (seven days) to sell everything I own
cuz truck loads of us are being driven from our homes
I'm prone to using logic but the logic isn't there and since they don't care I'm being teared away from the country and I'm scared
broken glass everywhere, my house is left bare
so I stare into the sky asking why my heritage makes me a criminal
I've been beaten so hard my sense are minimal
my country tis of thee is the song that I sing
but being led at gun point is so embarassing
light by kerosene and blankets out of rags
I've got clothes on my back and none in my bags
they copyright freedom but it's not the current status
each step that I take changes my apparatus
for life since this life is being taken away
I'd die for this country on any given day
I stay to the back hoping to be forgotten
but with every step I take I can see I'm treated rotten
I've gotten no respect, certainly it's the key
what's being done to Jews is now being done to me
they'll fight for him but they won't fight for me
labeled American but I'm not truly free
I see the rising son, my flag is stars and stripes
yellow skinned american really has no rights...

All alone, with just the beat of my heart (4x)

Verse 2
Another day... an I'm lucky to catch my breath
so I pray, that my life will overcome and cheat death
my flesh is weary, but my soul is strong so I keep on
the government will have us caged until this war is gone
I've bled for this country, I've even paid the tax
but they treat me like the enemy cuz I'm just a stinking jap
whispers in the night, do you really hear?
cuz I'm overcome by fright that I'll be here for years
sign me up for the army, I'll fight my own family
and kill the true enemy with anything you hand me
we got no options, just waiting for truth
and the truth is absolute but the countries come unglued
most soldiers silently sentance us to death
but their wishes are like miracles that can't manifest
I'm fresh to your reasoning, I even understand
but the common actions of the guards don't treat me like a man
the beat of my heart, I swear I'm all alone
I was king of my world but now I've been dethrowned...


The heart says it's time to go
I need some freedom
The heart says it's time to go
I need some freedom
The heart says it's time to go
I need some freedom
The heart says it's time to go
I think I'll leave them

Verse 3

I'm sick of being patient, I need to escape
I've given it some time but my pride will not break
my fate is in my hands and it's got to be felt
I can't play this hand with the cards that were dealt
no one else seems to feel the same so I'm all alone
a free soul behind fences is like a poet without a poem
sincere letters from others that relate
I watched clever mothers die for sharing food off their plates
there's rules and regulations, you've got to follow orders
my countries turned against me so I'll run for it's borders
I'll jump the fense... I'll will survive
It all makes sense... just don't lose stride
I will provide... I'll stay alive
this is dedicated to my people that have died
with the slanted eye's.... you've got to think twice
this is for feeding us sushi and rice
chop sticks won't stop it, all my profit was lossed
I was humble till you stumbled and now I've been crossed
2 years and ten days, locked inside this camp
and I can't leave till you've become the champ?
stamp me on the hand, I'll take my leave with maps
surround myself in black and leave with all of the facts
what are we to you, just a bunch of japs
ten feet outside the camp and I was shot in the back...