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Peace 586 - Tru'Ndeed
(from the album 586)
© copyright 2001

im just tryin to stay true cause i blew it many time tryin to be the one who
could stand out and shine the most of my crew
see every other week i had to get new
shoes, tried to be hard got a couple tatoos
you tried to teach me something man i already knew,
like if your luke warm outta the mouth he'll spew and if ya cant wait
patience is a virtue, call your bluff straight up and let ya know who's who
see i told you
my name is peace but what i had needed to be renewed, needed an overall look
needed to be reviewed but i was blind couldnt see didnt know what to do
till i got comissioned and ran back to you. now im back for keeps see this
aint no impromtu Jesus id the only one i lean onto no matter what i went or
what im going thru all he asks of me is just to be true

true in deed christ is the center of my life you see taste and you will find
and see he can surely set ya free true in deed X2

verse 2
not trying to be fly like mike not trying to get my 40 acres like spike not
trying to be misliked but what im trying to do is just strike up conversation
about the anticipation of the coming of Christ or the representation of who
paid the price... man
Im just striking up conversatipn white black puerto rican or asian not trying
to be a bad boy like sean john just trying to get my glorification praise on.
Intimidation? not trying to bring it, magnification? on high in the spirit,
salvation? if you hear it dont fear it mix it in tight with the one who
engineered it
standin ovation not for me but for Jesus who rose on day 3 read it in the
book of john you'll see and so will the whole nation yes the world will
reveal the revelation of Christ yo and thats true son very true son


verse 3
i bet you are impressed you thought i was comin with much less
well thats you and I'm me see thank goodness and thank Jesus for
his forgiveness none the less there are those who are in the flesh till this
day they shall remain nameless.
I got put
to hte test of faithfulness God pressed and pressed in all excess
but never left and never loved me any less see ive been blessed all it
took was to confess
whole heartingly man not efortless without pride just come with humbleness
express yourself to his holyness come clean let go of whats in your chest
live for Jesus learn to be a witness of the good news the treuthfulness