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Peace 586 - Itchin
(from the album 586)
© copyright 2001

born again may 1986
they call me peace and since the name sticks at first i used to rhyme only to
pass the time now its all about the lord and his hand in mine
my mind did a u turn and you learn kinda quick stop listenin to God and
you'll be in it way thick
people say kick it and sometimes i admiti might slip and fall up out of Gods mit
but thats no error on his part cause he dont make mistakes and he didnt give
me something that he knows i really cant take
i still be standin straight despite everything life bring and i know if i
step outta line it might sting
but i'll be a king in heaven if i only stay strong and if you think about it
this life is only a few minutes long
you gotta make your moves let God prove himself otherwise you'll be itchin to
hitch a ride along with everyone else

when your time is up you gonna wonder why you never gave your heart to the
one who died and you bound to try to run up the sky itchin to hitch a ride
when the trumpets cry X2

nikes might be steppin in wrong directionbut in no way will christ ease up on
his affection
he pays attention and never mention unless you dont payback in which he might
take back
but he made that which you deem yours because you bought it you scream how
you won your battle but God fought it
i dont seek for stardom only to uplift his name cause now a days these playas
be getiin played up in this game
it aint the same as when we first started and burst upon the scene to speak
to broken hearted
individuals now everybodys out for residuals anly worries is how they gonaa
keep thier liquor cold
the stories been told several times so theres no excuse you cant say you dint
know you had to chose
you bound to lose when you lift you eyes to the skies on that day you gonaa
say peace seriously fly

ask me and im a tell yo with no punches to be pulled you caught up in other
religions not really knowin you fooled
actin like its all good when you stroll around townwith your headphones on
not even realizin you bound
to everything thats going to lead to unholy direction you gonna be itchin to
get up out that and i doubt that it will happen
see im rappin cause it happens to be the language that many hear and servin
the creator that through time many fear
and to pay i live the only way im supposed to in order to be called up when
the trumpets blow through
the clouds thats why im proud to speak it loud upon the microphone and spot
get blown with overtones of heavens throne
and who is sittin at the right hand enable me to rip this mic and stand for
he's the reason why i can
and why im able to be ready and be jettty at that time and speak about it
with this influential rhyme