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Peace 586 - Questions
(from the album 586)
© copyright 2001

see im far from perfect do i deserve the right to write this rhyme some times
i wonder am i in or am i past my prime
Im sayin mistakes are made quite often i feel lost when i do the wrong thing
prolonging the questions i have I'm only human I try to laugh it off but I cant
Im weak where I was dominant I'm quick to snap where i was tolerant SELF CHECK!
I need to die to self, imply myself a new train of thought with no straign or thought
my mind wanders but i need to grasp and hold keep it in control, dont fold
my souls swing on the moves i make i need to take this thing here serious
and stop trippin like its mysterious I got questions yo im just curious

do you know where you're at or where you're going? can you tell how much
you're growing? are you're seeds showing... fruit? are you absolute? answer
the questions and answer them true

verse 2
my growth is stagnant like my lyrics do at times sometimes
i dont even care about my rhymes.
So what they wack but yo i need to stop that and start realizing Im in
combat. Recognize my habitat equip myself with fat beats and thats that
yo i dont care if you think im wack i dont care if you dont like the track
i dont care what ya say go chat... keep talkin
cause i'm all purpose like FAULK and I'm gainin tru ground
dogg whyin you tryin to clown? " ah he dont even write his own rhymes, that
fool talk money all times, that dude is way past his prime"
But what! I see you bought the cd anyway I
see your head bobbin and your checkin what i say when you aint done nothin.
check my resume quick you know its thick and your speak is rhetoric
until you see me homie then you speakin polotics answer the questions cause
im sick


verse 3
im tryin to get right cause i think were runnin out of time
im tryin to change make my light shine
im tryin to straighten my spine, tryin to touch and refine
the gifts that Gods givin me perfect my ability
but i know im gonna make mistakes im gonna make beats when i shoulda used breaks
its alright the Lord will still use it its in the blood yo he'll tranfuse it
Dr. Doitall leave your probs on high never doubt yo never ask why
cause the plans perfect times tighter than that role with the flow adjust to
the format