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Peace 586 - Bonds Like These
(from the album Generations)
© copyright 2003

I am still that son that's risen, i am still that peace kid givin rhymes unlimited times. see I'm still that jordan wearing, youth caring 67 inch young puerto rican with the gift of speaking. I am the veteran was in the began and i'm gonna be here when it ends. I told you before I'll tell you again I'll send your pitches over the wall round trippers how we rip yo cause we hardball. we dont stall when it comes to the call, we wont fall i said it cause we stand tall. so all yall who thought we fell better listen while i tell you the deal we rep christ for real. Never mind where i was its where im at, im rather fine see its cause the rats got my back. for the duration no hesitation no limitations yo we taking over nations!
We aim and take casualties
"cause we's emcees and been so since the early 80's
Straight from the Bronx to West Covina
No man come between us and bonds like these


In my ancestors' stance I glance at my surroundings
Arms folded I focus in on who's holding mic
I'm strollin' right over like I own the planes I'm walkin'
With pencils shakin' I create this frame of talk
I aim and engage battles 586 right behind
Whether squabbin' or word droppin' no sense in testin' mine
So I'm next in line my spine been carryin' y'all for years
Had I tarried y'all would fall, being led by small-minded peers
Off cliffs and piers I push raps perpetuatin' my legendary status
That is, just to get you hatin'
Non-stop debatin' just who the ghost writer really be
And silly me I will address and put to rest so you can see
Truthfully I write for two people and not a one more added
I rock it through Philharmonic and Jurny Big to watch the scatter debris
The weak leaves bring the illest crews to knees
I spill it for y'all to see just what an emcee really be
On this TR exercise I evangelize between the highs and lows
Of rap careers I smack the fears out rapeteers
Been that for years folks, just turn out the lights and see
And ask yourself the remaining question: who writes for me?


The written word of a legend, you heard it
The audible sound not only heard but felt deep in the fifth dimension
Five times too many rhymes for me to mention
Ten grades over ten years it's been this culture's dissension
And I believe it was me who first predicted the demise on
Demo tapes or on demo cries that sounded like rhymes
But in fact they was demo lies hopeful demo dreams about a hopeless demo life
If I woulda known I'd be trapped in a lazy world
Where the hustle reigns as king - would I still pursue this thing?
No. Instead I'd grow into a professional
Write songs, not raps, right wrongs and collect snaps and daps
Perhaps I'm emotional and makin' no sense
Or maybe I've grown into a bitter bum banged up
From the battle with the fuse lit ready to explode
Unless someone tell me now how many records I've sold
And as you can tell I can't take it
I ain't got it no more to play the game with you and fake it
Either you get it or you don't, either you wit it or you won't
Never achieve those dreams and collect those things
Respect is cool, put food on your kids' tables
Your rent's due, homie, what you doin' rappin' in other states for free?
Unless God told you to do it, you dumb
And reminiscent of me, so wake up fool.