Show Lyrics

Peace 586 - We Came to the Show
(from the album Generations)
© copyright 2003

Pigeon John:
Guess Who's back, guess who's black Cadillac this is. Guess who's shaq hair get second looks when I'm doin' my laundry kid. Yes its me you guessed right. Most of you --- out there ain't tight. You're too up tight, while I'm free in the wind, in baby fool I take flight whats up tonight. Jay Leno and an Instrumental and couple of tunes --- lets write gotta get my money up and a bunny up and my funny but in a very personal convo. Info is. Pigeon john don't play. Everybody think that but its okay. Let um run they mouth I fade in the back with a smile and a handshake, plan my attack.

Who came here to rock and show yal how it goes. Comin' in like fog in the wind so let go. So when you hear it and you love it and you think us above it and you feel it all in your toes then every lets rock put your fingers up high and welcome to the show
Now I be seeing many emcees who cruise thru with ease paying little or no respect to these rats whos fees have been payed you've seen that we layed the groundwork for yall to stand on and did i mention without this foundation God allowed us to place most yall be faced with purchasing cd's laced with space waisted tracks, by the fakes. Im letting truth be told im one of the oldest and original emcees in the game it aint changed 586 is still the nameand i claim tunnel rats see thats how peace he do his thing. so if you roll thru again just make sure you spend time to shake hands brake ends and we'll extend an open inventation no hesitation then we'll be down for the duration

my fingerprints are still being traced on mics i laced on 58's across states across lakes i beat breaks til they was left broke without a snare killin the hat and kick till i be rhymin over air, my second wind is coming. now its time for peace to push it up in 5th gear it appeared that i was done but pullin up the rear coming clear i know you hear me so you tried to steer to cut me off but you're not quite near.