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Peace 586 - Solid
(from the album Generations)
© copyright 2003

Slap all you misfits like ya'll on my hitlist Rythmics hit like ballistic missiles Cuz with my lip I flip these sick styles Methods gained while I broke off into exile And stumbled on this senile approach Thirty miles off the coast close to Patmos Correspond wit John using smoke screens Giving ya cinema similar to codeine Broke through perimeters like Jonah in Ninevah Cuz low beams was minimal So I switched to nebulae Gen prototypes stay like ten steps ahead of ya On average It's savage like predator The outcome is agony to battle me I'm telling ya Out comes the drums now out comes ya lungs How'd you figure you could run when I hover like the sun Locked on, dropped a bomb And lit up the skyline like sunrise Mile wide craters on your shoreline Flying in my harrier that broke the sound barrier with various flow Neejo's aerodynamic so these winds that go 'round won't slow me down Seems like your town just tore down Funny how ya big talk just toned down to no sound like fade out Walking that strange route Poly with a Tunnel Rat Wilder than a Thundercat Rolling like a thunderclap

I be lovin when i se the seeds God planted through me from way back in '93 and it kills me when they tell me I was the diiferance and i cant see how God uses me. I never dreamt I never thought that I would be one to be used by God one of his tools part of a crew to do his will for you now I know many are called chosen are few. And still I wonder how I've lasted how i've been blasted on and survived outcasted yet I kept stride kept on I'm getting tired I'm getting worn. I lean upon the most high cause I've learned from my past experiences his will is best for my life and I submit to the calling never stalling with the yes yallin, yes yall!

Killa Please, passin' a mic-phone is like a Philistine
Handin' Samson a Jawbone
And that's suicide you could die homes
Tresspassin' in my zone, Get gagged dragged back inside the cyclone
Fury, where domes get blown inside the headphone and homes get buried
Under stone and rubble I'm advivsin' scurry home cuz there's trouble
Arisin' at the horizon,
Hurry, get your children and wives in they're wildin with guns and knives
So we ridin' tonight don't write just to be rhymin'
Inspirin' to provide men with vitamin
The kind that's known to change the state mind you in
So pump this in whatever you ridin' in, then,
Rewind again, and find what I am from within
Raw like a Lion more than a product of my environment
Doin' somthin' productive with my time
Ducks in line come firin'. That's early retirin'
Cats that dope fire back but them
Forever gonna have to try again.
To take my life I'm born twice, but never die again