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Grits - Blame It On You
(from the album Factors of the 7)

She was a friend of me who soon became the enemy
My heart said it was meant to be
Cold sweats and nightmares of killin' her for breaking the vow to be one
From corruption of adultery parayin' at night this day I'll never see through who knew this gal was out to get me for yams
Havin' dreams of her scam professed before I had fans delilah's kisses of deception was my justified stance
Ignorance self contained in disobedience hands infatuation claimin' ture is
definition of this female relation contradiction wit my standards for misses witnessed the hand of God begin divisions progress as vengenence for all my pain grew deep in my flesh
Decisions to serve
Bonds that of distraught and distress no less than fulness
Tribulated till blessed found peace once released from the grip of the stress culprit responsible found to be the likeness of me in terms of images I blame this on self for not protecting my affections from seductinosof hell
Her spell had me bound like bank tellers and hostages
Smel had me fooled like designer female imposter scents
Why does it happen to the best of God's men?
We fall from desire for fruit that's been forbidden from beginning of time
We been blaimin' the women it ain't they fault if they fine
We need to wait till it's givin from Him.

If I blame it on you, take the blame from me
If you was in my shoes, you'd do the same to me
Repercussions were felt, from the hand that was dealt
I done used up all my aces, what I face is needin' help.

Felling remorse from divorce
Lettin' nature take its ugly course
Catapulting two people in love too insulting
I wish I never met you, baby doll compliancejoined a concubine, jagged like a porcupine-alliance
In reliance on self searching for my keebler elf in trees on the worong side ofthe woods
And that's no good dancing earnestly with foreign spit, swearing up and down she legit ain't noticed ligtning bolts slaughtered cows
Paid no mind ignoring all the warning signs
From top to bottom of my femer
Monkeying around daydream believer believin' in happiness forever
Mine was crappiness from unclever, unclear temporarily brain dead sank my teeth in the poisoned cornbread of a bighead
We were woven, then we dove in, the water rose above our heads that's when the flesh came to life then teh spireit metamorphed to dead
She killed me softer than a refugee and made sure wasn't nothin' left of me
Bamboozeld by a sheila went from united as one thorugh a process labeled marriage to less than half a man single dad pushing a baby carriage
Pure and utter struggle responsibilities we juggle
I find it funny no matter to scoff about or chuckle
Minutes my stature, a Superman with on Terri Hatcher
I stand alone this time givein the Lord my heart to capure.