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Peace 586 - Respect
(from the album Generations)
© copyright 2003

you see if anything ive earned respect so bet your bottom dollar that respect is what i expect especially from the crews who followed us from the get so let me say it to you one more 'gain this time im with the twins. and not the ones from minnesota from my home of new york where you learn that what you talk believe you need to walk that walk and its what im sayin to yall youth who swear that yall true dont care what you do but respect those who came before your crew respect is something earned and not given to you freely. you expect it taht easy please b it takes years of hard work and payin fees see. pay your dues and respect will be given to you obey the rules and expect what is given to you stay humble no regrets what is given to you neglect those protect yours from what is given to you

Hook: respected we been rejected were here to reclaim and reconnected I hope you repented we been reinvented to rewind and retake while stayin respected

verse 2 D2
If choose the greatest lesson I learned. First of all getting recognized as one of the greatest must be earned respect rain and respect this game for real. Or was it just they lame In the crowd to feel makin' a live appeal like like you holdin it down but what you doin' is not weighin' a pound not really. From cali to Phili, from New York to the far off cities beyond. Respect for a name is more the million. Some rude but they probably short and need repent and fall when the need to exhort to exceed. Gotta crawl before ya walk when goin' through those bruises and cuts then prepare to rise up. Lead me on to the path of greatness and I will take it with the greatest of ease. From the bottom see me rise to the greatest of these. Developin a walk from my hands knees runnin top speed supernaturally increased


of all the years i've never felt this confident in my ablilty and that confidence comes from stability i have in my relationship that i built and see it gets stronger the longer I maintain and stay true so how dare you question my place or question my faith you needs to get out my face just in case some bombs drop from the waist. I'll take the blame for wrecking your crew see it just dont matter look good now feel good later I'll take the latter.

Who's makin that move back to that new craft musac
Fuel that, true that, true rap use that mew cats wanna grow too fast
Settlin for 15 minutes fame on that news cast puttin no work and expect their life to rocket
See they need to stop because the greatest on of all became a humble servant that's the natural law. I said became a humble servant that's the natural law.