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Peace 586 - Mourning for the Art
(from the album Generations)
© copyright 2003

Peace 586- Verse 1
i heard the word being spoke and it broke me down made me check myself made me spin right 'round. Found myself doubting myself at what I could do, didnt believe in myself yo i thought i was through. I stopped chillin' with the crew, stopped sampling too thought it was a little something that i had outgrew. But when you're called there's little that you can do, God's gonna make sure that you continue. Until it's finished, i know i'm supposed to be in this and not from the 15 years experience. Yeah that speaks louder than most cats tracks, I still felt that i lacked and I was being held back. but what was holding me was me I wasnt rolling with the beat, my head was swollen from the heat i brought previously. You see pride it come right before the fall and of all the things i thought i was i never thought this. I gave until it hurt man was up in the lab with the crew puttin in work man pushing the pads 'till my hand was turned blue man the we get stabbed in the back you dont do that to the tunnel rats!

Feels like I lost a good friend today
Opened my pen to an empty page
No writin', just mournin',
No flarin', no transformin'.


Sev Statik- Verse 2
I remember the first day hearin' you on the block and it don't stop everybody rock check the word play the start of something so fresh. You fought hard and demanded your respect on these cardboard streets bangin' out beats. The only one to bring peace to the east and the west indies. Independent at heart from the start and you love bein' free so I'm the son that you raised on the east coast. Sev Static representin' my dunns and locs. And through you God gave me a vision put His promise in this music and get 'em all to listen. I'd rather use this tool to reach those lost and teach those few who paid them dues
That cost and speak life to the world and all mourn the art.


Sev Statik- Verse 3a
You possess a raw talent but chose not to use it. Say it's not the will of God and call it devil music or rather rap to your friends and pretend that's real. Try to take the daps with the pat on the back and pay the bills. You stuntin' your own growth you need to feed your mind. Get close to the Word and get away from those lies. Focus on the vision to know what God sent you. The art lives in you so stop killin' your potential.

Peace 586- Verse 3b
If i remember it right it was me and the music just waiting for God to show me how I would use it. I spent time away but it was needed for me, for me to grow into the calling of being an emcee. Its not only about skills but the heart of a song. I learned this while i was gone now I'm back and I'm strong. I miss the old ways cause yall just dont get it, the art will never be lost cause we just wont let it!