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Peace 586 - Hear Me Now
(from the album Generations)
© copyright 2003

see I'm fly like mike...I know its been said before but I'm still fly like mike cause i be rockin that mic and when you see me i be rockin that mike jordan like im that one. That one brohter you see with the latest 2-3 apparel got another chance like Darryl to connect with the s-u-p for to wreck in the s-u-v or the lexus see. I be that one little brother they call P the 5-8-6 is me and i be reppin j chri s-t forever 'till im gone or until the dawn comes and i get weary. hear me I'm just speakin clearly no man can come to try to steer me no man can come to try to put the fear in me i fear God and him only and depend on him strongly.

Verse 2 (Sup the Chemist)
Well I'm a super rhyme writer
Dope beat maker
Getting love from skaters
Poppers and breakers
I'm old school like space invaders
But still got flavor, like capers
Since day one
I've been an innovator
Title confiscator
It's easy
Cause most of these fools ain't even freakin
I'm down with Peace
Cause he's a cool Puerto Rican
I'm crazy with it
Like Vegas on a holiday weekend
You can touch me
Like a homosexual deacon
I hear fools speakin
Saying yo Soup ain't reaching
Lost soul
Well y'all ain't either
Cause ain't nothing but Christians at your shows
So we're equal
I started off small like a peephole
Now I like an island
In the middle of the sea
Adventure out
And put your feet in my sand
Or just try to understand
Looking at me from land
All that I am in a jam
I apply
The results got cats nervous
Like Americans when they fly
Contagious like pinkeye
Once my message is clear
The day I stop writing
Is the sum of all fears

verse 3
from the concrete i rose on yates and adee I'm chosen to be an emcee knowing who i am see. from the brick buildings in the Eastchester projects I've been God sent since then i had got set to represent Christ through this form of hip hop I was born in hip hop the Bronx is hip hop drop what you thought since caught in a land I've been taught and I've planned around traps sent by man and Im speaking to those who followed this Rican who chose tomorrow to be the day where I must obey the calling of my life. In may of '86 I was born to rock mics the likes of the Christian and this be the day where it ends. cause you see we cant depend on surviving on loose ends and speaking to just one blend but to all trends.