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Peace 586 - Hard Ballin
(from the album Generations)
© copyright 2003

listen to me cause when i speak you know it means something. no waste for words, speaking truth leaving brothers wanting more of my time more of my rhymes or just to find how my mind operates with breaks and basslines. How i do it? Stay consistant for so many years, I stay humble stay true especially to my peers. Fearing God only never to a single man, you aint think i could last you wondered how i can. Keep the heat keep the pressure coming like a can of krylon i'm on some old graffitti bombing man. Fat tips and tunnel rats up in the walkman, the puerto rican with the breed can we get a hand? How would of thought three boriquas from the east would meet to bring the heat rock the beat make the crew complete. Peace, Els and Mach repping BX and ROX, a yank teaming up with a couple of red sox. Penant fever with the pens and the white sheets, hard ballin with the lyrics over Derty beats. Metal kleats for traction with the raps son, chewing the redman ready for some action.

If not us, then who would keep the music movin
Hard ballin on 22s sunset crusin
Lam,pin on gun hill Bronx kid brusin
Roxbury heads hard ball never losin

Yeah if not me then who would speak the things that I feel hear and see/
Who would burn the mic to the third degree/
Peace 586 y'all know the legacy
The rats trying to keep New Breed in virtually
Every home where the young and restless rome
From brothers who pack chrome to sisters who write poems
Famous to unknown black whit to brown if not me then who gon' keep the uncut sound
'Cause I'm sick of livin life in the norm
Sick of man denying God's power only carrying a form
Sick of being broke since I was born
Sick of people living uninformed man I'm sick of that
I'm sick of rap I love the way it used to make my neck snap
Now I'm driving in my car saying what the heck is that
Sick of this garbage
No wonder why these young kids are starving
Fiending for hardcore cats to get their necks bobbin


what? what? cat got your tongue?
what? What? crew got you sprung?
tell me what new breed has come
to undo or renew what's been done
cause we are about to get down
and let it flow underground
to soak the root and drown out the sound
that's taking over all of uptown
cause if not us
who'll keep the real music movin
tunnel rats - hardball - ya'll we're never loosin
roxbury head ain't one to be confusin
no excusin the wack
so when we do it we bruise the track
and take it back to where the real hip-hoppers at
peace 586 making sure we never lack
don't forget old-school
and respect the boom bap
but we are TR's ya'll remember that