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Peace 586 - Everything I
(from the album Generations)
© copyright 2006

Every thing I learned I learned the Hard way. Every thing I know has come from pain and sorrow. Everything I loved has never loved me back. Still I focus on tomorrow got a new path to follow and I'm filled with passion that you lack

I took a deep breath and inhaled the gift of life, WE stayed in the struggle and we stayed in the fight, I been the know but didn't know a dang thing, I wrestle with emotion on a spiritual plane. Pieces in a broken life child. Joy will come when faith is established. I just might be the season of pain and suffering .so let it rain

watch me pull the pieces together whether it be with pieces of me or pieces of that Saturday night freestyle is what you want and i be on it 9000 daps and pounds dropped wherever we stop see. By faith and with faith no matter the case we'll take place wreck a spot and leave in good taste bringing it to your face dont matter the race leaving without an ounce of beat to waste


v 2
well i suppose i'll do this again dont need to tell me when cause im pocket like the lint you got in yours but of course i look to the source for all things that come in my direction for protection for affection none the less son no need to question my relation or debate on what i say in my quotation motivation comes from a higher place and it just dont matter what you think these pieces will be pulled together in a blink

Still, I everything I said I've learned experience and respect life Burned a piece of mine to gain a peace of mind. I hopes to find myself before I ran out of time.
Through trial and error we find our way
Buildin' from the pieces that were broken yesterday
So bless this conversation from the winds of inspiration as creation comes together in, peace


I if said once I been thinkin it for years
If I read it once I lived it wit no fear
Found peace in a broken heart
Found peace in a broken art
Found peace in the start
Kick back or react or write it on tracks. Attacking the clack, boom bap. Where wack actions get tackled by facts feel that real cats remain in tact, tunnel rats
Accounting all blessings from earthly possessions
Try spiritual progression
Cuz its just another lesson that's written in time please open your mind
And float across the ceiling with feeling its in the masters plan
And everything I am will always be Knowing to learn from love
My heart sings its melody