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Every Day Life - Look

Labels on my chest from the first instinct elders in my life leading to the brink of insanity yes they're handing me so much crap that my mind can't expand see they know me but they'll never know me so call me cattle cause I've just been branded he'll seem to think that I have no salvation she hears the lies that stun emancipation freedom of I Am without all the static need I read what's written in my gloc automatic panic cause I sit and I worship judging me when your own life is in slip the slugger that you have in your eye puts me in a state if I do than I die look at your self then look at the book if you even saw me you should have took a look

Take a look at me and you will see (4x)

Your so quick to judge but still you don't look that from the fisher of men in my mouth is the hook but when you leave us standing then we'll keep on searching so don't deny hope we'll keep on hurting all salt in the wound because we knew it was coming then when you sin we start running back to the first love that of the world but the church is the future the boys and the girls strong in need and hand out for help but I see only one thing the church is for self they're living thier life but the life is extreme but extremity is ends when it justifies the means home and school is scary we need to show them God's sanctuary free from the pressure the push and the fall give them praise and hope not to stall judge them not and let them not be took you should have took a...............


To the ignorant blinded amongst the flock you're quick to judge but remain in shock when we proclaim the Son as the soul provider but when this happens you play the denier you say we have zero when we represent but then you look seek searched then repented to the fact that we need new self the minds of the 60's are fresh off the shelf way past the old but in effect still today we all have a role but which one to play look to the ones that will keep you motivated because when they hate you it's God that they hated children are true ones of God don't short the next to them it's kinda odd look to the ones that will keep the book off the shelf "gee" and you can take a look

Take a look at me and you will see (4x)