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Raphi - Rollin With the Punches
(from the album Cali Quake)
© copyright 2002

(verse 1)
My life, a trip knowing you can't turn around and go home
And you scared cuz you don't know the meaning until you become grown
Alone here on the highway tryen to slow down in the fastlane
You can't cause you don't got brakes and it takes a bit more than a fast brain
For you to get past the shame. But if I do, I'm back to raphi
Looken' down the road and I gotta brace myself. because it gets rocky
Cats be putten' up obstacles and baracades to block me
So I'm rollen' with the antorage of a king. but not like rodney
I don't have to get along as long as I get by. Why?
Cuz most of the fools on top of my name in the charts ain't fly
I've been to there and back to hear the wack and best
Travelen' back and forth, up north, down south and back east and west
To test the skills of the ones with all the mills
But still I'm kinda ill because I hope that one day soon I will
Be me clocken' all the g's in the lap of luxury
Bump that man comfortably would suffice
But what am I willen' to sacrifice? Is it worth the price?
When I can't relate anybody and everybody has advice?
With my life I roll the dice
On the rocks without the ice and I'm sick of it
So when it comes to a mic check I get sick with it
That's my only time to accelerate
It feels great when I'm mashen'
As long as I don't fall off life, my rap hit a flat and crash into frustration
3 car pile up with humiliation, I've been on this path for so damn long
I forgot my destination
I'm usually facen' a fork in the road with 3 different avenues
It's my way, their way, or God's way, I gotta choose
I'm broke from paying my dues - my box playen' the blues
And I can't change the station cuz I just blew a fuse
My fuel is runnen' low and I still got so far to go
I'm rollen' with the punches and the stones you throw

(verse 2)
I've hit a grip of dead ends on this neverending ride
Down my throat I'm forever sending pride
Yet preoccupied with the question will I survive?
But I'm down to cruise win or lose
I've gone too far to turn back
Sufference. Yea I learned that through affliction
So all my extra baggage caught notice of eviction
No room for friction except to catch wreck with diction
I'm the author of non-fiction, dramatics, verbal acrobatics
Diplomatic tactics with a short fuse
You'd feel the same way if you walked a mile in my shoes
The torment of spreading good news takes it's toll
Using self-control, I try not to explode
As I carry the load for a stranger
Like the one born n the manger did for the ones in danger
Gotta tame my anger so I'll be able to concoct
Some of my lyrics you won't get until my third album drops
But as long as real heads give props, I'll remain content
Cuz to me the mere sight of a dub in the air is heaven sent
Like a siloette of a palm tree in the sunset
Bet no one got enough respect for their 4 trck casette
So I'll send a check 1.2. for the ones who only need a beat box
This one goes out to all the heads who slang tapes in parking lots
And under the moonlight shoot tight rhymes across metropolis skylines at night
When minds take flight to reach new heights of insight
I might abandon ship before I reach the finish line
I can feel the sunshine
A touch of what's divine

(verse 3)
everybody tries to find an angle
in the city of lost angels
liven' is trife. No one knows the value of life (anymore)
especially yours it seems cuz doors get slammed in front of ya eyes
you tryen' hard to survive, plus you're a man so you got pride
you decide to do a bid because you gotta feed your kid
deep down you want to do good but we liven in the hood
and the government ain't doing what they should
you'd get out if you could
amd find a house in the hills. But it's ill
they'll give you a hand out before they teach you job skillls
you have nowhere to build, so you're feeling incomplete
at night ya can't sleep cause ya married to the street
so you weep. With no food to eat, no money to save
you try to be brave, but you see the dream you chasen' fade
wishin you could jump in the grave and save the trouble
in the school of hard knocks you only taught how to struggle
there's a sea of opportunity but we stuck in a puddle
I pray to regain my happiness lost in the rubble
On the double ou betta check yourself, don't play your life away
Cuz on the real I see too many of my homies do it everyday
Thinken' change can wait till tomorrow.