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Raphi - Beat Battle
(from the album Cali Quake)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1
Some days you just feel better than others/
Some enemies you mightknow even more than your lover/
You never know whats gonna happen until it cracks/
Even then you still have to find a way to deal with it till the end/
Friends and foes, predator and the prey/
Everybody's position will soon be displayed/
Sunshine or shade in your designer shade/
All these actors are walking on me as if I'm the stage/
But I know the time - engage all weapons and keep stepping/
I ain't leetin them get in my way/
Do as I please I seize the day/
In your naivete - you don't believe that they throw what you need away/
Pigs make you bleed for play- then they'll say that you resisted/
It's the sadistic plan of the man then your blacklisted/
Ran did some but never out of reach - so history repeats/
Another pawn for the beast/
I'm more like bishop bringin' heat to your chess piece/
But only to let all bobbing heads feast/

Verse 2
But times have changed - I peeped game and slowed it down/
I'm knowing now how to adjust when throwing down/
Around town for years - they saw his face out there in the crowd and never felt safe/
A player and a dealer - now it's getting clearer that's how I got over the fear of looking in the mirror/
Knowing one day they gonna see - how dope I really am man/
Folks'll be on the jock and then I'll make a grand stand/
Hopefully we can build ill things together/
I ran out of any hatred - I got my head up out of bed/
I said "I read the nature from the gate I can't wait till "1" minute from now/
Cause one never knows how- a cut will end up/
I said "But it's too, late!/
You can't turn around - so just enjoy the ride/
They tell me that it's going down/
So watch your hide - supposedly some kids about to commit suicide/
There's some beef between him and the beat and now it's do or die/
The crew and I are gonna try and fly through wondering who will be the first one to kill it/
Is it possible to predict - any move that I make I still think not/
Anyways we get up to the spot 11 o'clock on the dot/
There's mad folks hella hot/
Getting jokes cause the homie's moms and pops even came to watch/
Not your average battle - of I'm dope your wack blah, blah, blah babble/
No flows no rhymes just a bunch of punch lines, cars clothes and crimes

Verse 3
man what you got! you ain't hot!
you gon' try and lose me? we'll see
i'm never gon' fall off
anytime, anywhere, anyone. man i'll even serve the beat
na, the beat serves me. i'm the master
you'll need a machine to go faster
with no tempo map, i still can rap like a tunnel rat
how about that? roll. look-a-there, see i'm in control
they want a battle? then on with the show
in a black out you get no love. mechanical animals, i pull the plug
with no juice you can't get loosebut i bet i can i never ran from a conflict or challenge
i manage my talents well. breath
betta believe, when i leave i'll receive
my health and anything else that i need
come and connect. come one, come all
the quicker they come, the harder they fall
even the track and i'm havin' a ball
it's like i was laughin' during the brawl
all ya'll betta call 9-1-1 cuz someone's falling out
and whn you come back track, i'm right there
this is a beat down. homie, i don't care
i pray to the greater
to have the strength it's gon' take
to surpass the forces of hatred
gotta mash and respect the sacred
the wrath of this on your click you can feel
you can't hang, i know you ain't real
hear me bang. don't think you won't feel repercussions
keep frontin. you're nothing
take a minute to open ya eyes... realize
what i could do. it might happen to you
and your crew will look on singing my song. on your front lawn
until the dawn comes
then i watch you fall or run. just know you can't hide
like the cold that froze you last night
too late. pretty soon you'll see red
times up. in a minute you'll be dead. let it be said
i step on your kicks. skip on your hat
tear the snares making them scared
until they shook. look they tried to fly away
trying to find a brighter day
anyway the could. but it ain't all good. should've obeyed
let me show you how now cuz i'm bored
forgive me lord. I killed it.