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RedCloud - Last of the Mex-hee-cans
(from the album Is This Thing On?)
© copyright 2001

Cyborgs of the future, universal embrace established, Laced the galaxy,
linked organic (as we manage) Reminiscent of my pampering and luxury
Life affirming qualities, revitalizing vital signs. Coming out the Woodworks,
wet works tainted networks, Trials commence to emerge, (submerged an urge)
Almanac flipping the page, in windy battles with rage Against the vacant
thoughts of primal ooze in volumes. Melting like a wicked witch, Warped
in the flames wicker, Psychedelic digital, sins on the chemical. Pursuing
the foes, it will illuminate the frozen roads Global healing traditions are
practiced on its axis. Supreme 2060 years beyond fear, beyond what people
hear, Future is in and out of ears, Air circulates over the sands of time
With an almanac in pocket ... sitting on a comet. It was like your dream
only it seemed sort of virtual, Vibing in a vortex a vertical virtuoso. Coasting
the pacific coast in a roller coaster... Riding the riddler backwards,
blindfolded underwater. Then the Water turned into a dark gothic cemetery
And every emcee that I've battled turned to zombies and were on me. Dead men
walking in an army of about a thousand Emcees that I've buried biting me...
jeez ...How ironic. And I ran away by far if I slow down... these rappers will
chow down, (They remember when I made them bow down)... I'm scared,
confused and cramped... getting chomped on contact, Fat concussions hold
the line flat. Dude they are munching on my noggin, the sky is falling. God is
calling me to fight, but Satan's tempting me with ecstasy Vanity but these
cannibal men are animals not men... I'll bet your bone marrow, nightmares are
haunting my existence, When proportions are catastrophic there is no
resistance. Systems get the clenched fist, haven't swung a sword from the
spirit since this Last of the Mexicans does its justice.