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RedCloud - Cali Blacktop
(from the album Is This Thing On?)
© copyright 2001

(hook) Where the gunshots clap... where I write my rhymes... Where
the L.A. skylines at and shines... Where you get carjacked...
were the pistols pop, Where it just don't stop...its Cali blacktop.

(verse 1) Wake up RedCloud it's a quarter till 2 You've gotta turn that quarter
into a dollar or two. I've got an issue with you, I'm sick of sipping the brew.
I'm sick of tripping on that click and quit popping a few. What's the matter
with you. you're at a reservation out in the blue. Pechanga party drinking
Bacardi nude... They've gotcha puffing on your peace pipe, pass it to the
right. The Devil passed it back on the left hand side... and that's when
you realize, something's not right... When you are criticizing Satan cause
he rolls too tight. Out of site...out of mind, and I'm going out of my mind
Cause the blind lead the blind... and I'm following in line... With my
millimeter 9, doing silly little crimes Made a kill in L.A. times, for a philly
and a dime Affiliate in rhyme, with the lyrics that are prime And I'm
lighting up the cypher, while you are snickering behind...

(verse 2) Cali blacktop tracks attack like anthrax and blast through Bum
rushing fusion not at us cousin. Rude all of the sudden...when an emcee tries
to cut in. California blacktop and can't nobody butt in Just me Tru, and SirRoc
and we are dropping on production Clearly so eerie, neither one of us can
function. Lungs full of fury with our eardrums pumping, We are some fearsome
gluttons, eating stove top stuffing Out of a red hot oven when the beat starts
thumping Man our feet start stomping, you would think were Compton's Most
wanted and we are bout it baby California loving... Step into the cypher if you
want to prove something. Cali, killa Cali, Killa cali Blacktop... Silly rappers call
it rapping but it's not it's hip hop. Ripping out your ligaments and hear the
sockets pop People at the party all are screaming, "Rock it don't stop"