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RedCloud - RedClouds by Day
(from the album Is This Thing On?)
© copyright 2001

Court is in order, the chord is cut from the mother The baby is running
for cover (jr. the cold war is over) Go put your head on my shoulder and
we could head for the hills. Still we can go for the kill until we are burdened
with guilt. Here's an American quilt, it's knit from cotton and silk I'll rock the
mic in a kilt and a pair of seven foot stilts. I'll rev my engine until it starts
grilling fluid, it spills and I'm doing stupid old drills to conclude reducing my
bills. Seducing the music with juice, its oozing a lot and its loose. I'm used
to acoustic kaboose, I'm fusion without the abuse.... Sooner or later, retaliate
the parade or manhandle Major mistakes of a hater, wait by the shaken
equator... Impersonating regulators from a major label.. Wait till they get a hold
of the vinyl on the turn tables, Liable and able to disable Cain and Able, I hold
the mystery laser against the riskiest taker...

(hook) We follow fire, Messiah we trust when it was dust,
just release rhythm on trails of hype thrust, bust, word with the bird,
Narrow path we stay...Chasing the spark through dark, with red clouds by day.

(verse 2) Decipher the livest wires and I'm the type to receive these Recent adapter
wrap you up in aftermath of AC/DC Easy does it believe and you'll conjure
up the stronger one. I'm the one to conquer crews and lock them in my
romper room. Incompetent , constant it's nonsense, onslaught of Compton's most
common. Swarming and stomping and vibing, I've been on style and alignment
find it go get it the timings ticking and kicking the tyrant... Quick with the sickest
of rhyming, siren is sounding alarming. Liquid of miracles tickles all who
laugh heartedly, Honest to God it is constant water world martyr me hard Carnage
release to conniving beasts and get started... Leaving the cleanest of climates,
Garden of Eden bombarded. Couldn't afford to be on it, gone with the wind in
the morning Hornets the size of a comet, plummets inside of atomic Mountains
of mammoth hypnotic, crumble in rations of sonic... Monitor minutes, similar
sentences set it off.

-hook -bridge

(verse 3) There is a Siamese virus inside my eyelids and iris and I see double
the science and twice the mileage to higher defiance. Fireflies silence the
night and bring light to mine, and I'm in tune with rhyme and's shooting
the rabbit season. and even if acoustic riffs are soothing gifts I'm used to it. My comfort,
my shelter, my wall of refuge that strengthens my click. Calm and running in, a song
to send them in... We are dropping many men, with palms like Benny Hin.