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RedCloud - The Pigeon John Song
(from the album Is This Thing On?)
© copyright 2001

You see I'm working on my album It took a lot of Prayer to my savior now
I have one... Record a track with Christafari was an awesome outcome. I
want to do a song with you but do not have the income, You lose some
you win some. But now I'm lonesome down with the in crowd I went
over my budget got my car out of the impound, You see I won't be your
average Pigeon collab Yes I differ in that (x2) You see in 1991 you and
LPG Introduced me to the Son so it was meant to be That I get you on my's a sackcloth fashion beat So you know it's hitting strong. Pigeon
John don't do me wrong. Pigeon John...I've been your biggest fan since 19
freakin' 91 Del Aire assembly in Hawthorne is were it first begun and I
have never heard a flow like that from anyone... Except for Pigeon John...

I'm coming through. Don't worry dude. Just relax a while.
I'm telling you. Stop calling me. Won't pick up the dial.
I'm warning you. If you continue, I will press a file against you...
and I hardly even know who you are...

(verse 2)
You said you are coming down... you said you Would record
a song with me when you are in town. You said you are looking forward
to it. Said you are down to do it but I knew it was a lie. Because I'm
looking outside...there ain't a pigeon in the sky . and I'm lying to myself...
maybe he's in traffic Should I call him on his cell...maybe he needs help
With his golden motorcycle and it looks in bad health. With his tire blown
out...could he fix it by himself? RedCloud look it just wasn't meant to be...
Shut your mouth Tim maybe he's with L.A. Symphony Oooh... look at me
I'm Pigeon John ... no time to do a little song. Whether you like it or not
you are going to be on. It's pigeon jiggy jiggy, I'm not too busy with my
niggis From the L.A. Symphie, Redcloud I'm gonna do a track with you
Get freaky deeky...and maybe we can get some coffee And just
sippy sippy Redcloud I love you bro...really really.


(verse 3)
Hey hey skippity dee do dah I told you Redcloud no, right
when I saw ya. You say you're from Hawthorne... I never saw ya.
You say 118th street... but I never saw ya... Now you wanna do a
song...impersonating And you're sounding like Kermit... ribbit and I'm
hating conversatin' about verses Look at me I'm fading... I wanted 500
but... It's a beat that I'm trading these bars for. Now I'm guest appearing
on a track by (who) RedCloud...oh ...I thought this was U2... That's cool
I guess... never the less. Gotta press, do what I'm called to do and
continue. 'Cause 10 years ago...walked down 118th street To do a
show... thought nothing of it but... little did I really know... that this
young boy Redcloud Gave his soul to the Lord... and that's why.

oooh, doo doodly doo Don't you know that I love you?
Don't you know that I care? Don't you know that you are my friend?
and that I'll always be there? Don't you know that I love you?
Don't you know that I care?