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RedCloud - Musical Aggression
(from the album Is This Thing On?)
© copyright 2001

(patua) We ago mosh up the area And were causin hysteria We ago tear
Babylon walls down Down to the ground... We ago mosh up the session,
With the musical aggression... We ago tear all dem strongholds down...

(verse 1) We lie in the back of a thought with a spoon and a wok And as
soon as I walk in the shrooms start to talk, And a wild chatterbox, and the
cannibisativa put my head in a box. And it walks me across of the bridge
and its soft... Then it tosses me off but I'm caught by the cross and I'm ....
Off to the stars on a sackfash track with Tansobak... top that.

(Chorus) Hey yah Hey yah...listen to the flow Hey yah, Hey yah...
we want the whole world fe know... Hey yah, Hey yah... and
listen to the sound this is Tansobak and RedCloud.

(verse 2) Redemption Sonnet... song of the depth of honor... Long live the
love of the father and the son And the only risen one is a Lion and a lamb,
and a dove. And because of the cause I pause inside of the mind Never mind
that... never putting praise in the days of my past As told, but behold that
pale horse in your path... Step back back up...act up-actual actions,
cower in the cupboard Near the shelter, near the rhythm, near the flame
near the wicker But the wicked in the wax melts quicker... C'mon Stick 'em
up put 'em up, throw your hands up... if the vibe is alive Stick your hands
in the sky...I am that I am ...through I and I and not Sellassiai...


(verse 3) Listen brother... RedCloud word to your mother Syntax we tar
and smother ...feather all the fellaz And we fry 'em on burning lumber...
Your days are've been , Dumbfounded in your slumber...
Red Cloud will take you over Tansobak will take you under.