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Grits - Cataclysmic circles
(from the album Mental Releases)

1st Verse

Monumental imbecile, please tell me how does it feel... To come against something that you really
know nothing about... Twist and shout, the checker's chubby and he has his grubby little hands all
around the microphone... So what's next, ecstatic, Asiatic causin static from the attic... Do a back
flip, my shirt flops up revealing privacy, I'm live ya see... Plus I catch Arthritis reading Titus, lyrics
combust, inflaming gums like Gingivitis... Right is my method, typically the bump bump... Change it,
estrange it, rearrange it, still the bump bump... I remember one time my mama told me not to eat all
the baloney, but I ate all the baloney anyway, but I won't do that again cuz she whipped my butt so
good... She didn't have to hit me with her house shoes, but anyway, I guess you gotta do what you
must - forgive me, I'm ramblin'... Weird Science, how you describe me on Bone's alliance...
Collagen injected in the lips, connected at the hip... Cataclysmic Circles in purple hazes raises brows
cuz of portentous standpoints... I hand joints, not the rolled -up kind, but the fat kind... To my man,
he slides the butter from his hand...


Everyone's invited to the circle,
Come on in, and do bring a friend cuz when...
The kids on a natural high, we'll boogie till we die
Eruptin' the spot like the Forth of July

2nd Verse

If we could just get along the world would be a better place... Can for once we stand as one and
affect the dying human race... Peering through the door of reality it bruises me... Some say the man
can't live in me, apparently appearance is clearance for spiritual awareness... But where this false
inspiration ever stem from... They come wit the weapon of the scripture against me... Falsely
translate some things when dey read... The seed of misinterpretations in the nation... Of followers
swallowing what was done before... The best form of bondage known to man in the eye of me when
a mic's in my hand... Circle like a vulture seeking whom I may empower... I devour any demon,
word is bond with the strength of God... Weak we stand cause united were not strong in the spirit
that leads us from wrong to right... Embedded in our heads are words of the Good Book that aren't
any good if not applied to life...


3rd Verse

I journey deep within eternity... My portion is gigantic, I never panic frantic, so come on wit your
antics... I'm leaving last behind and looking forward to the next... I let you know if you should flex...
Then I realize you're just a test to bring me to a higher level... Where my focus isn't lenient in the
least, and at this point I must say "peace"! Cause every now and then I'm in the wind... I'm on my
own and if you call me I won't pick up the phone... I'm undercover deep so leave your name at the
beep beep, and I'll get back to you... Man, what you want from me, I can't give you nothing free...
No need to beg and plea, cause I ain't havin' it... You got so many styles like that Wu-Tang man?
Who's the clan? What's the plan? Tell me what you gonna do? You come smilin' in my face for one
week out the year talkin' about some man... We need to hook up, but I ain't tryin' to hear that... In
time you must conceive a unified kind of strength and how it relies on the length and depth of the
contact... Soon you will be found a lonely man the whole year round... And tell me - does a falling
man make a sound?