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RedCloud - Final Daez
(from the album Is This Thing On?)
© copyright 2001

(hook) I'm living life here in this empty shell and it's my hideaway out
from the depths of hell. and it is safe to say that in the place I dwell Is
not the safest place. And if I could I would have turned back time I
would have heard the cry It would've burned inside I would have
been alive to give my life to Christ In the Final Days

(verse 1) It's the Gospel according to Luke... I rebuke you and lukewarm
crews dude its true its true huh what? your cerebellum blew a fuze and I
look at you like liquids burning blue. It's getting hot... like black and white
and what not Yellow brown and red dropped on top of melting pots. I'll pop
you with the pan of your papas rack of lamb it's flaming propane till it rains
in Pakistan The Son of Sam's on death row and born again Still I sit still
and watch the porn again What is the point of this flesh so restless If it
can't do me justice in heaven's guest list I guess that's life's way of laughing
in my face Embrace the mic chord against the machine's rage Basement
oozing with fumes of sage lit It's a face lift bobbing in pace with bass riffs.


(verse 2) Surrender... enter center stage with God's grace How will my faith
behave in an odd place? My luck walking the block blazing a blunt Faded
rapper slips and gets hit by a truck What will the church say on my
doomsday? Engraved in my Tombstone, "Dude got too stoned." Oh how I
wish I would die when I wish... Sitting on my pew during Sunday service...
Preaching to the hopeless, feeding the homeless Martyred as I worship Christ
in pure bliss Lord how this pain and this agony bites Help me dwell in your
word, and to live my life right. Fig