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RedCloud - Infinite Sonic
(from the album Is This Thing On?)
© copyright 2001

Tell the firefighters the fire was started in the altar by Martyr, and we
are not sorry about it neither, we're bout it bout it. This ain't your basic
encounter like other tainted sanctuaries Pastors, commissioned masters,
listen for answers. Come as you are, the traffic flows fantastically. And as
we start rapping the bands attacking jamming Battlestar, Galactic was is
it that makes it ballistic hydraulic solid, We're twisted and gifted with
flipping scripts... techniques. I know were hip hop came from just like Journey
and Theory it's got me pumping with fury, I've learned to love jury duty. Don't
judge a book by its cover like the first Tunnel Ratt album, a ton of skill can
be added and be used to your advantage. Rising like gasoline prices, energy
shortage a crisis, Alert the people with verses, convert the murderous persons.
Baptized by water emerging submerged and float to the surface A burst
of breath to the heavens... secured, its lifting the curse.