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RedCloud - Koyote Gospel
(from the album Is This Thing On?)
© copyright 2001

Here's a little blanket that my grandmother knit.
One side is buffalo, and coyote split.
A pair of beaded moccasins i hope they fit,
this is the strongest horse that you left us with,
and I'm the strongest engine in my tribe you know?
and I'll give you my soul if you let my son go...
I'll give you control of all that I own, of all that I hold of all I've been told.
We are naked and poor and we will fight no more
My family was massacred in white mans war.
We take it that your going to be here for
As long as the sun doesn't shine anymore.
You tell us that you've come to spread the gospel of God
Is the raping of our women in the gospel of God?
Is the hunger of our children in the gospel of God?
Is it awesome to God to see the red mans blood?
Is our crimson skin a sin to your men?
Will your savior save us again and again?
You tell us to bow to your virgin statue
Cursing every person for ancient values.
"Bow to that woman or we will grab you,
bow to that woman or we will stab you.
Choke you slap you beat you drag you."
I'm in pain would you help me, could you can you?
Mercy on my soul virgin Mary I'm alarmed...
My God has not come and I am disarmed
I believe the one thing that can do no harm.
Is the baby in that Virgin's arms. (c'mon)

(hook) Walking trials through blood and flame like a desert
calling scarlet rain. purify this broken land, and heal us from the
will of man. I need you to hold my hand and help me take
a stand. You still accept my sinful life... you are the love of my...

(verse 2) I remember when I was a little child...
I wandered off into the woods about a couple miles.
My father came to find me scared and deep inside the wild
He held me in his arms and looked me in the eyes and smiled.
he said "Cloud what a curious raccoon you've been,
I know the scent of cinnamon has probably lured you in.
But in those bushes you'll find rattlesnakes and mean serpents."
When I met you I knew exactly what my father meant.
You yell, "Repent or we'll burn this blade into your flesh."
Right now your righteousness ain't really making any sense.
Killing our families in their sleep by burning down our tents.
It's too intense, still you are calling all of US savages...
No offense but we turn our backs and you attack...
You did the same thing to that man who's skin is painted black.
You made us many promises, but never kept but one...
You promised you would take our land and what was said was done. (c'mon)


(verse 3) Life is a temporary light in the night
Death bites when its coming from a spear to your side.
It's the silence of the soul as its summoned to the sun.
It's the thunder in the gun and the hunger in the drum.
The battle is done but the war is yet to come
The priest in the mission says there is a kingdom
Were you recite the psalms and sing the sad songs
And spring out the clouds with wings like falcons
Adobe mansions, teepees like canyons
Supper with the father of all creation.
Forget about the pearls that are placed on heavens gates
Mother Mary gets praise from you but we're awake
I read your holy book but I am on another page
and praise the carpenter that's risen from the grave
Who gave his only life so that tribes can get saved
Now that's a true brave, my troop can relate.
Who can disgrace the truth, the finger points to you.
The finger points to me, the finger points to him...
The finger points to sin and that's the sin in man
and that's the way it is and that's the way its been.
And he will sin again and he will then repent from there
he will ascend or pay the consequence
Your bible says he lives and that he forgives
But to know he exists I need a sign from him.
I saw the cross in the center of the medicine wheel
I believed it was real and I can feel I was healed. (x2) (c'mon)